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Old/Young Stories | Erotic Stories by Sexycatzeyez

Open Road

September 16, 2013 in Erotic Encounters, Lesbian Sex Erotica, Old/Young Stories by sexycatzeyez

Kimberly Knotts was a young high school girl. She was bright, bubbly, and beautiful. Her grades were excellent, most of the good college’s wanted her, and several offered scholarships. Things looked promising for the ‘Most Likely To Succeed’.


That is, until she met Allen Pepper. He was known around town as Pep, and the local bad boy. Pep was one of those kids blessed with good looks, wore a black tee shirt, a red poplin jacket with the collar flipped up, and shades…even at night. Naturally, a cigarette dangled precariously from his full lips most of the time.


Pep was also bright, but dropped out of school to pursue a life as a ‘roadie’ for the rock group, ‘Toxic’, and it was one of those road trips that took the band to Hempstead, Texas, a small bedroom community outside Houston, and right into the path of Kimberly.Knotts


It was love at first sight, if one believes in such things, and once they had a long make out session under the bleachers, it was all over for Kimberly. Fortunately, it happened after she graduated from Hempstead High, so at least she had her diploma in hand before his cock.


It broke her parents heart when ‘Toxic’ took off for Albuquerque, with their only daughter in tow, but she was of legal age, and they were powerless to stop her. Young love, especially first loves are hard to stop.


Kimberly soon realized life on the road with a heavy metal band wasn’t as glamorous as she expected. She also realized she wasn’t just Peps girl, she was everyones.


Lace, another roadie and bubble gum slut clued her in. “Yeah, hon. It’s the life. We belong to them, and they belong to us.” The pink bubble burst over her pink lips as the tour bus roared down Hwy 280.


The next thing young Kimberly knew, the bubble gum was in her mouth, along with Lace’s tongue. Kimberly had never kissed a girl, but enjoyed the smoky bubble gum flavor of the kiss and wanted more. With aching nipples and a throbbing clit, she pulled the dark eyed, blue haired Lace down to the floor of the bus, where they finger fucked each other to powerful climaxes.


Lace was the first of many hot young girls that Kimberly pleasured. She became hooked on the adrenaline rush that came with life on the road, and serviced “‘Toxic’ with great enthusiasm.


Weekends were best. At the end of the night’s performance, the band collected arm loads of hot, eager females to join them at their hotel. That’s where the real performances were, and young Kimberly quickly became the star. The band members took turns fucking the pig tailed teen, while she slurped on a hot cock or warm pussy, it didn’t matter much.


For the first time in her life, she felt wanted. What she didn’t feel was loved. Pep and Lace were spending more and more time together, which left Kimberly up for grabs, both on the bus and off for the next four months.


Then on a routine stop in Bakersfield, Kimberly stepped off the bus and away from ‘Toxic’, without so much as a word. It was over. She had to go.


So, armed with her duffle bag, a small rolling suitcase containing her Marlboros and Jack Daniels, Hempstead High’s ‘Most Likely To Succeed’ , raised her thumb and walked down Hwy 99 headed for nowhere in particular.


Dragging her suitcase over the dirt and rocks along the side of the road was difficult and after a mile or so, she gave up. She sat on the suitcase and piled her long hair on top of her head loosely, then lit a cigarette and waited. And waited. Hwy 99 was pretty desolate and seldom traveled since I-5 came in a few years ago, and the only people that used it then were treasure hunters, rock climbers, and wayward tourists.


Several cars went by, but none hit their brakes. About an hour, and four cigarettes later, a red Cadillac convertible pulled over and honked. Kimberly flipped her cigarette in the cactus, grabbed her unwieldy suitcase, slung her duffle bag over her shoulder and ran to the idling beast fearing it would take off without her. She was relieved when she noticed the brake lights were still on as she got closer.


She grinned as she tossed her bags in the back seat.


“Gosh, thanks.”


The driver was a handsome middle aged man in his mid to late forties, well groomed and smartly dressed.


“You’re welcome Miss. Where are you headed?” He asked while leaning over and opening the door.


“Honestly, I haven’t a clue. I’m not from around here and really don’t know where I am or where I’m going. As long as it’s away from…”


The handsome man dropped the red finned beast in gear and roared off, spitting sand and rocks in its wake.


“I gotcha hon. You’re not a run-a-way are you?”


Kimberly lit a fresh cigarette and replied, “Not from home no. Just running. I should have asked. Is it okay to smoke?”


The wind knocked her hair down and covered part of her face. She brushed it to the side with her fingers and smiled at the handsome stranger who was clearly checking her out.


“I was about to have one myself hon. No problem. So what are you running from?” The man shook a cigarette from his pack and lit it.


She thought about the question. Was she running from Pep, the band, the life? A smile opened as she replied, “Not running from anything in particular. I guess I’m running to something.”


“Ahh. Family? A boyfriend perhaps?”


“No family that I know of. No boyfriend, either. At least, I haven’t met him, yet.”

The man smiled, “Gotcha. So you think he’s up the road somewhere. You kinda remind me of my daughter. Something betters always up the road. Ran off twice so far. But, maybe your luck will be better.”


Luck. Kimberly and luck were now strangers. She thought she was lucky that Pep picked her from the screaming crowds and offered her a way out of her boring life. But, life on the road had taken so many twists and turns, she now just felt used and abused. Maybe her luck would be better…up the road.


“Let’s hope so. My names Kimberly . What’s yours?”


“Oscar. Oscar Magillacuty.”


Kimberly dragged hard on her cigarette, “Nice to meet ya. What do you do Oscar?” then tossed it on the road.


“Nice to meet you, Kimberly . I sell womens lingerie to retail stores. That’s where I’m headed now.”


Kimberly grinned, “Cool. So you carry samples or just show stuff from a catalog?”


“I carry samples, hon. But, I do have a catalog if they ask for something I don’t happen to have with me. A guy has to be prepared.”


Oscar Magillacuty was one of those guys that planned and prepared everything. However, he certainly wasn’t prepared for Kimberly Knotts. He caught himself daydreaming while she laid her head against his shoulder and took a nap. What kind of girl was this? She didn’t seem trashy, and he couldn’t help but notice how fresh and clean her hair smelled just under his nose.


He lifted his arm and rested it on the back of the seat just behind her neck. Kimberly sighed when she felt his bare arm under her hair. She eased her head to his arm. It felt good to have a mans flesh pressed on hers.


“Hmm. This feels nice, Oscar.”


Oscar felt a stirring in his groin. He wanted her. She was young, beautiful, and all indications were that she was not only doable, but willing. He wanted to be sure and inched his hand to the side of her face and caressed it softly.


“Oh, that feels even better, babe.”


She reached up and took his fingers and rubbed them over her red lips. Oscars cock stiffened in his slacks and got even stiffer when she slipped his fingers in her warm mouth and sucked them. While it felt good, and she was getting him rock hard, he felt guilty since he did have a daughter about her age.


He pulled his fingers from her lips, “Kimberly ?” but she held them close and kissed his fingertips.


She breathed, “Yes, baby?” to the palm of his hand before kissing it.


Oscar grunted, “Uh, we can’t…you know.”


Kimberly reached for the tent in his slacks and rubbed it with the flat of her hand.


“Yes, we can. Pull over.”


When a super hot young girl has a mans cock in her hand, the man will do whatever she says. Oscar Magillaguty was no different. He pulled over at the first rest stop and parked under a cabana and switched off the ignition.


“Kimberly . Listen, hon. Let’s think about this.”


Kimberly leaned to him and kissed his neck while rubbing the outline of his thick cock. She already had visions of it and how it would feel in her mouth.


“Oh, you’re reluctant? Fuck, that turns me on, baby.”


She un-zipped his slacks and pulled his heavy cock out. It was swelling and throbbing in her small hand. Pre-cum had pooled at the tip. Her tongue lapped at it hungrily. Drawing his foreskin down as far as it would go, she feasted on the tender flesh below his wide rim.


Oscar leaned back and watched her red lips wrap his cock and felt her tongue swirling over his shaft. Her hand squeezed and rubbed it up and down. He looked around at the desolate rest stop and satisfied there were no prying eyes, held the top of her head and fucked her young mouth slowly. She moaned on his shaft and the vibration drove him wild. He began arching his back and bucking hard. His cock slipped down her throat and she moaned hard, grabbed his balls and squeezed them until he couldn’t take anymore.


“Oh, God!” He shouted as his cock spurted over and over, filling the hot teens young mouth. The cum that wasn’t swallowed seeped from her lips and dripped from her chin.


“Fuck, baby! That was great! Let’s have a cigarette and let your battery charge.”


Oscar smiled, “Oh, my battery is just fine, honey” then opened the door, slipped his forearms under her and carried her to the picnic table a few feet away. He sat her down gently, looked around again, and dropped his slacks to his shoe tops. Kimberly hooked her thumbs in her shorts and panties and pulled them to her knees. Oscar grabbed them and jerked them over her feet, then dropped them on the bench.


She kissed him hard so he could taste his own cum from her lips, then whispered, “Eat my hot pussy baby.”


He lifted her legs just under her knees and shoved her to her back.


“Oh, fuck…I’ll help ya, baby!”


Kimberly grabbed her knees and held them over her shoulders exposing her perfect pussy and tiny asshole to him. Oscar wasted no time. He dragged his tongue from her asshole to her clit over and over while holding her pussy lips wide open with his thumbs. Her juices trickled on his lips. She began rolling her hips to match his rhythm. She had one tiny orgasm after another, waiting for the big one she knew was coming soon.


Oscar was an experienced lover and knew exactly what she needed. He began finger fucking her while sucking her clit, and it didn’t take long for Kimberly to go over the edge. Her legs shook violently, her cunt clamped tight around his fingers, and she felt a gushing sensation as her cum shot out from her in streams.


Gasping, she cried out, “Yes…Yes…Oh, fuck YES!” then relaxed her legs and let it go.


He gulped and swallowed. She moaned and groaned.


“Wonderful, daddy…now fuck me!”


She dropped her legs and scooted her wet pussy right to his stiff cock. He arched his back and drove his big cock to her cervix with the first stroke. She thought he was splitting her in half, but hooked her arms around his neck, her legs around his waist, and all he had to do was stay hard and stand still. Hempstead’s ‘Most Likely To Succeed’ was now in charge.


Their hips slammed together. Their pelvic bones crashed hard. Her pussy squished as she fucked this handsome stranger until his knees buckled and he grabbed the concrete table so he wouldn’t fall. His cock convulsed inside her splashing his thick cream to her core. Her passion overwhelmed her and she kissed him hard while milking his cock with her little pussy.


He laid her back on the table as his cock slipped from her dripping cunt, then bent at the waist and laid on her never breaking from the kiss of his life. They broke from the kiss with a gasp.


“I’ve never been kissed that like in my life. You made me cum so fucking hard just by kissing me!”


Oscar looked at the table. It was covered with her juices.


They stepped to the restroom and cleaned one another.


Once outside, Kimberly asked as she lit a cigarette, “Where to now, baby?”


“I’m headed for San Francisco, honey. Would you like to come with me?”


Smoke poured from her mouth, “Is that up the road, baby?”


Oscar opened her door, something Pep had never done, “As a matter of fact…it is.”


She slid in and replied, “On one condition.”


He walked around the front of the red beast and shouted over the windshield, “Yeah? What’s that?”


“That you love me.”

During the drive to San Francisco, Kimberly learned that Oscar did have a daughter, but never married her mother.


Once they arrived, they began working together, with her modeling the lingerie, and him taking orders. Their business grew, as well as their love for each other.


They married, bought a home, opened their own boutique, and now have children of their own.


Yes, Kimberly and her future were truly, ‘up the road’.


Taking Amy

August 1, 2013 in Old/Young Stories by sexycatzeyez


It was a hot night last summer when my daughter Jenny brought home her best friend Amy for a sleepover. Jenny was  nineteen and Amy was  seventeen  and the sleepover was so they could get an early start heading to the beach the following morning. Amy first showed up at our house when she was twelve and made it her second home almost from day one.  On this particular night, about 1am, I was in the living room, in my robe, reading a magazine when Amy came in and plunked herself down on the sofa opposite my chair. “Hi, Mr. Corbet!”, She smiled as she saw me peek inquisitively over the magazine. “Did Jenny come downstairs?” “Ahh, No honey! Not that I know of. It’s been pretty quiet” I replied, looking the pretty young girl up and down with a little more than a passing interest.



Now Amy is 17, 5’5″, 105lbs, short blonde hair, pretty face, 34b tits(I think!),and she has one of the best, little asses I’ve seen in awhile. She was in her white, see through nightie (her nipples being quite hard),and a white thong. She was no longer the little girl I used to see running through the playground with Jenny and seemed to be blossoming into a beautiful woman. I could see her hard, little nipples sliding around under the thin fabric of her nightie, almost drilling holes in the translucent material. ‘Christ, tits like that, and she isn’t even wearing a bra!’, I thought, watching the firm, pointed cones rub against the front of her blouse. I knew I shouldn’t sit there too long staring at her, but there was no way I was tearing my eyes away from her sexy little body. I couldn’t have been looking more than a couple of seconds but it felt like so much longer. Amy looked up and saw me watching her. She saw me staring and said: “I bet you like me don’t you?” She stood up, took off the nightie, dropped her thong, and sat on my lap!  “Amy! What are you doing? We can’t.” I objected. Now this was serious. Here was a young girl seriously attempting to seduce me – and succeeding very well! “But you’re my daughter’s best friend and if nothing else I’m like 30 years older than you” I said in a feeble attempt to stop her.  My cock was throbbing, just the thought of fucking this beautiful girl had me ready to cum before I had even began to fuck her wet hot hole.  I felt her small warm tongue slip between my lips and enter my mouth. My mind panicked, thoughts ran through my mind about what I should do but I couldn’t hardly believe a girl as young as her could get so thoroughly aroused and horny. “I like sleeping with older men” she said, “It makes me incredibly horny!” The realization that her cunt was sopping wet from sexual lust made me lightheaded.



As we kissed I reached down and cupped my hand gently over her breast, she didn’t move but kept kissing me. I lowered my head and gentle placed my lips against her breasts. I kissed one and then the other. Amy arched her back and twisted her trunk to help me reach her pulsating tit points. I naturally opened my mouth and licked them lightly, not sure of her response. She squealed softly and pressed my face hard to her tit. I sucked the swelling knob into my mouth. Amy quivered with excitement. Her thighs squeezed me. My nostrils flared with the sweet smell of her young teen smell and my own sweaty spore. I took her hand in mine and guided it down to my thigh; she rubbed my thigh for a minute then slowly slid her hand up inside my robe until it touched my hard cock. I lay there kissing her as I felt her fingers exploring my manhood, her fingers felt so soft and gentle as she ran them up and down the shaft of my cock. Then she ran her fingers all the way down till they touched my balls, she played with my balls for a minute then ran her hand back up and wrapped it around my cock. Slowly she started jacking it. She gave me a mischievous smile and then dropped her head to my crotch. My cockhead slid into the wet, welcoming confines of her mouth. Her head bobbed up and down as her tongue massaged my shaft. She had grabbed my cock and held it flat against my stomach while she took one of my balls in her mouth and sucked on it. She swirled it around with her tongue and went down further and licked up and down the bottom of my sagging nut sack and I watched her do this and suck my balls for the next few minutes, while she stroked my hard cock the whole time. It felt so good to have her pretty lips sucking and licking the head of my cock. She took more and more into her mouth until the whole seven inches were in her mouth. Amy sucked cock like a pro, bobbing her head up and down with a mouth hungry for cum. I was in ecstasy, sheer bliss. It didn’t take long before my cock was ready to explode, I said, “I’m going to cum.” She grabbed my hips so I couldn’t move and I started shooting cum everywhere. The first pump was in her mouth which she swallowed like a good girl. The next one she pulled me out of her mouth and back in between her tit’s. I kept cumming and cumming and cumming.



After, it was my turn to return the favor so I lay her back on the couch spreading her legs. I lowered my head and my mouth was pressed to the hot meat of her inner pussy. I ran my tongue up the slit before finding the hard nub of her clitoris. Her young hips moved as I feasted on her sopping cunt, offering me her delicious young body. I knew my chin and my lips were covered with her juices but I did not care. I then slid a finger into her warm hole and she buckled. Her whimpering and moaning were getting louder as I faster and faster slid and gyrated my finger in and out her young writhing body. Her creamy skin was slowly covered with sweat while her puffy nipples jingled and quaked as she moved. I continued moving my finger in her pussy and I began sucking her clitoris harder. The young girl was almost having sex with my fingers now as she moved her body up and down.  Her juices were now literally dripping from her pussy. Her moans filled my ears and I continued to sucked hard on her clit while fucking her pussy with my finger. After a few minutes like that I went searching for the cute teenagers G-Spot. Sometime it’s hard to find, but I had a feeling that with Amy it’d be fairly easy. Sure enough, I dragged my finger inside her against the roof of her pussy just twice before she reacted. I knew she was on the brink of climaxing. She couldn’t control herself…he body was going crazy. I dipped down slightly to the skin between her pussy and ass holes and worked my tongue all around….then I went back up to her pussy hole. All of a sudden I realized that her juices were leaking down onto my hands that were underneath her ass. I pulled my right hand up, got my index finger nice and lubricated, and then thrust it inside her hole. Now there was no holding her back. Her whole body convulsed and trembled as she came for the first time. “Ah…Ah…Ah…Ah…AH…AH…AH…AH…” I went double time with my tongue on her clit and my finger thrusting a little into her super tight pussy. “AH. AH. AH. AH. AAAAAHHHHHHHH.” She came like a maniac, bucking wildly on the bed. As her body continued to writhe and she continued to scream I realized that I was covered in her juice…she had cum a ton all over me, my face, and the bed. When I  woke late the next morning I found myself alone, the girls had all gone to the beach already. I spent the rest of the day daydreaming of taking her sexy tight body all through the night. I often wondered if my daughter Jenny knew anything about my night with Amy.

Babysitter’s Surprise Gift

July 29, 2013 in Old/Young Stories by sexycatzeyez


My wife and I were invited to a summer party along with a bunch of her coworkers. We went to the party on Saturday, and had a good time socializing with all her coworkers although dinner was uneventful. We ate some sandwiches at the catered buffet and got a little drunk. By the time we got home, All the kids were sleeping in their beds and my wife was a little drunk and since she passed out I undressed her and put her to bed. Luckily, our family babysitter was going to stay at the house to help out. Amy has been babysitting our kids for the past few years and whenever she came over in her tee-shirt and cut -off jeans I would get a little excited looking at her and I’d need to try to put certain ideas out of my mind that were inappropriate. My eyes would travel down to her baby pink t-shirt that was tied in the back and showing off her tight stomach, then to her little jean shorts that barely concealed her ass cheeks. Amy was gorgeous and she looked to be no more than seventeen or eighteen. Having put the wife to bed drunk and coming back downstairs I found her sitting in her short skirt and knee highs. She started telling me how she liked the way I look and seduced me by saying, “Mr. Hummel, I hear you all the time with your wife behind closed doors but it’s always after you grab my ass in the kitchen when she’s not looking. I know I get you turned on by me by the way she screams in the bedroom. It makes me horny listening to you two every night wishing it could be me.” Then Amy asked, “Now that she’s asleep, would you like to see my pussy?” As Amy said it she turned her light, golden-brown eyes up to me innocently, “It’s very wet right now”.  God, was I floored, I could only imagine how nice my cock would look sliding in and out of her full ripe lips.


Amy got up and walked towards me. Her shorts came up to just below her ass, and her long, toned legs seemed to go on for miles. I imagined having them wrapped around me, rocking back and forth, but was stirred out of this fantasy when she stretched her hands above her head, yawning. Fuck, she has no bra on, I realized as her hard nipples strained against the thin, pink fabric.  Amy came right up to me saying, “Here, don’t be shy. Let me take your hand and put it inside my panties.” “But I have to let you know right now…..I’m a virgin,” she whispered as I pulled one of her breasts out of that skimpy pink top and started sucking on her erect nipple. I gathered my courage and slid my hand inside her panties rubbing her clit then her wet pussy, sliding a finger in then out slowly. She sighed as my fingers touched her clit. Moaning, she slowly moved around, shaking back and forth. She threw her left arm behind me as her hips started moving with my fingers.


“Would you like to feel my ass? It’s nice ant tight, very firm. I always wanted your strong hands rubbing my ass Mr. Hummel. She won’t know…” I reached around and grabbed her firm asscheek marveling at how tight and round it was fitting perfectly in my hand. “Oh God you’re so hot and tight and wet,” I whispered. Not missing a beat Amy replied, “Mmmm, I love your fingers rubbing against my warm wet slit. Come sit on the couch with me? Let me unzip you….I want to see it.” I halfheartedly tried one last attempt at bringing this to an end, it was so entirely wrong, yet both our desires were not letting go that easily, “We shouldn’t be doing this if she wakes up I’m in so much trouble.” “Shhhh, we might not get another chance, I wanna see….Please?” Amy said as her feather light fingers slowly unzipped my pants, pulling them down, “OMG!! Its…it’s…so big….may I touch it?” Without waiting for my answer, she reached out and started petting my throbbing member then gently cupping it in her hand. “Touch all you want, baby!” I laid back for her to investigate while I reached over and found her now sopping wet slit and stroked up and down inside finding her hardening clitoris. “It feels so big and hard in my hands. I like rubbing it back and forth; it’s so strong, pulsing between my fingers! What’s that juice on the end? May I taste it?”


“Oh yes, Taste me, honey,” I smiled. “Take my cock in your mouth and taste it.” Amy parted her lips tentatively and I pressed my cock against them, soon slipping inside her warm mouth. I felt her tongue getting acquainted with the swollen mushroom at the end of my shaft and had to resist an urge to start fucking her mouth. “Oh wow, it tastes like salt and sugar at the same time….your fingers feel so good inside me. I can’t stop squirming!” Amy said, “Just a quick taste, I want you to put the whole thing in my mouth….do you think it will fit?


It’s soooo big! Mmmm, you seem to be enjoying it. I am too. I love the way it feels sliding in and out between my lips. Sliding down my hot throat. It fits!!! All the way in!!! God I can do this all day long it feels so good sliding deeper in my throat! I love it when you grab my pigtails and pull my head tight up against you so it’s as far as it can go. With that, my cock swelled, lurched, and then I was shooting a powerful stream of that thick cream right into the hot suction of her mouth.  I kept cumming and Amy tried to hold it in her mouth, but her cheeks bloated and she had to swallow. Amy sucked as hard she could, wanting to be sure she milked every drop from my spasming dick, then she held my meat with two fingers and licked all around it. She looked up and found me staring, slack-jawed at her.


Suddenly, Amy grew very quiet and asked me so softly I could barely hear, “Can I ask you something?” “But of course, you know you can ask me anything” I replied. “May I sit on it? Just this once? I promise I won’t tell…” Amy looked into my half opened eyes. She wanted it to go in. “Yeah! Please! Yes! Please, NOW!” She pleaded. “You really sure?” I whispered. “Yes!” She again pleaded.


Amy was now focused entirely on my dick, teasing it and pulling it trying to get it close to her wet virgin lips, full of desire, eager to get my piece of meat. “It’s very tight…I don’t know it its gonna……Mmmm OMG that feels so good sliding into my pussy…I’m so hot right now!” Amy whispered as she worked herself onto my rock hard shaft until she felt the resistance she knew would be there. Leaning over and kissing me hard on the lips, she plunged down hard and as she heard me moan in pleasure as her scream filled my mouth and the thin barrier was penetrated and broken. I kept my thick cock buried inside her for a moment before pulling out slowly and entering her again. So young, so hot, so tight oh god sooo tight!!! Amy kept her arms around my neck as I began to thrust in and out of her, slowly and gently at first but as the heat began to build, my cock went deeper and my pushes were more eager and determined. Amy threw her head back speaking in hurried breaths, “OMG Mr. Hummel, you’re bouncing me so fast and hard!!! It feels like nothing I’ve ever felt! Spreading my pussylips so wide! I feel like I’m gonna faint it feels so awesome! OMG Mr. Hummel, I’m starting to tingle deep on my insides! Go faster! I’m feeling something wonderful! I’ve never felt this! I felt her quivering softly the more heavily, Amy was feeling my arched cock throbbing inside, as she again reached a peak, it rose, her breathing got stronger and stronger. OMG Mr. Hummel, I have to bite my lip to keep from screaming and waking your wife up!” “I’mmmm commmmmmmming!!!!!!!!!  AaahhhhhHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!”, Amy hissed quietly trying her hardest not to wake up the whole neighborhood, let alone my wife upstairs! Her pussy massaged every inch of my cock with its pulsations. It didn’t take long for me to feel my balls tense up and felt the ejaculate rush down my cock and spit out its load in her throbbing vagina.


Amy couldn’t say she was a virgin any more. She had been deflowered with my heavily veined hard cock arching inside her firmly. She cried softly under me feeling her passion still stirring in her, but satiated. I wondered what next time would bring and this time I knew there would be a next time. The next morning my wife came downstairs just as Amy was leaving. Just as Amy opened the door my wife asked, “Amy! Did my husband take care of you?” “Oh, oh yes. He sure did”, said Amy. I walked up behind my wife saying, “Yes dear, I gave it to her last night after I got you in bed.” I smiled, because my wife thought I was talking about the money we owed her for babysitting.

Day Cruising in Long Beach Island

July 28, 2013 in Old/Young Stories by sexycatzeyez


Riding down Long Beach Island Boulevard, Colin was enjoying the afternoon riding his Harley as he always did every Saturday to unwind from the week’s troubles. It was a hot summer day with not a cloud in the sky and absolutely perfect weather for the task at hand.  He rode his first motorcycle down this very road many times enjoying the salty smell of the sea in the open breeze. He was getting a little thirsty from his ride so he decided to stop for a drink or two. He stopped at the first place he came to, a fairly decent looking place called Joe Pop’s,  parked the bike in front and came inside. Colin made his way through the light afternoon crowd of the dimly lit bar when suddenly, he saw the most beautiful woman he had ever seen in his entire life. Chrissie had long smooth legs and nice boobs; she was a dark haired, stunning brunette with bright eyes and tight ass dressed in a black halter top, tight Daisy Dukes and black high heeled spiked boots. She was sitting alone in the bar drinking a vodka and cranberry and quietly listening to the jukebox. Not one to hesitate, Colin walked over right next to her, and leaned over to the bartender and asked for something strong and was rewarded with some rum.


“What kind of bike do you ride?” a voice beside him asked. Turning towards her, he said, “Excuse me? “I know most of the men who come in here by sight, and I’d have remembered you if you’d been here before,” Chrissie said, taking a sip of her beer. “Wanna take me for a ride? I’ve never been on a motorcycle before”, she said with a flirtatious smile forming on those luscious lips. Now that Colin got a closer look at her she was stunning! She had 36DD tits that are firm as rocks and stuck out like “C” sized tits without any support at all. (In that halter they looked absolutely fabulous) Her legs were fantastic and long and muscular. Even though she was sitting, I could tell she had a great ass with an incredibly thin waist to show how curvy she was. “Sure, where do you want to go?” Chrissie then told him about an old abandoned factory on the other side of the bay a short distance away that she knew of. After they had finished their drinks Colin led her out to the bike.


Colin couldn’t wait to feel those tits against his back when Chrissie got on his Harley. He handed her his helmet, she slipped on the helmet and got behind him on the bike. The insides of her thighs clamped against his ass as they took off down the street. The feel of the streaming air was exhilarating, and she was grinning like an idiot with the feel of the powerful engine purring between her legs. As the bike bounced up and down, her pussy got wetter and wetter. Chrissie could feel it as the throbbing machine rubbed the fabric of her shorts against her clit. She didn’t realize it but she was unconsciously humping the leather seat and swirling her hips slowly against his firm butt as he deftly handled that huge rolling vibrator. Colin turned off onto a dirty country road and drove right towards an abandoned factory off in the distance. By the time he rode into the abandoned factory Chrissie was certain she was dripping already. The ride had almost brought her to orgasm several times on the way and she couldn’t hold out much longer.


The place was huge, with giant gears, huge rooms, and all sorts of weird metal contraptions everywhere. As Chrissie stepped off the bike, she gasped as he pulled her into a deep kiss. He then slipped down her shorts, revealing sexy red lace underwear. As nice as they were, Colin decided they had to go, and he forced them downward over her spikes. He slipped his hands into her loosened halter and cupped her 36DD’s. They were so supple and warm. He took her halter off letting it drop to the factory floor as his mouth began to suck her erect nipples while his hands squeezed and pinched her firm breasts. Making her sit back on the motorcycle, he put one of her feet on the back peg and the other foot on the front pegs.


Chrissie could feel his breath against her pussy as his lips slid between her pussy lips and stroked her clit with firm licks. He stayed doing this over and over until she could feel her climax coming on and started pressing her hips against his mouth. Colin stopped suddenly and spun her around so she was pressed up leaning over the bike with him behind her. She arched her back so that more of her pussy was exposed to him. He placed his hands on her hips and guided his dick to her eager pussy. She took hold of his cock with her pussy muscles and worked them around his stiff dick in wanton abandon. Another scream as he slammed his body against her perfect pussy lips, punishing her with his rock hard shaft. His cock was almost a blur as he slammed it in and out of her gushing, pouty-lipped cunt. He didn’t even notice the squeals of pleasure that erupted from her pretty little mouth each time he buried his cock to the hilt in her pussy, or the hiss of delight she made when he pulled it out again, dragging the shaft along her protruding clit. By this time her pussy was on fire and her orgasm was building so fast that she could hardly stand it! He felt her explode, her inner muscles grabbing him and pulsating with each convulsive movement. Chrissie was jerking as if she were having a seizure as her orgasm ripped through her core sending shockwaves coursing throughout her entire body. This time he couldn’t hold back any longer and buried himself deep inside her. “Here it comes!” Colin screamed as he unloaded his cannon, firing shot after shot of creamy seed deep inside her heated cunt filling her until jizz gushed out of her hole as the voluminous load filled her up completely. The strength of his orgasm nearly made his knees buckle. His eyes rolled back in my head as he sprayed her warm pussy with wad after wad of his heavy cum. Chrissie felt each spurt of his hot come against her cervix, mixing with her own juices. He leaned forward against her back catching his breath, then pulled her upright into his arms, holding her, and kissing the back of her neck. Pulling themselves together, they got dressed and spent the day cruising up and down the coastline, stopping occasionally when they found an abandoned factory along the wayside.

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by Kristen

Juvenile Delinquents

February 18, 2013 in Old/Young Stories by Kristen

Natalie Bradshaw was a juvenile delinquent. At least, that’s what her mother called her all the time. She didn’t mean to get into trouble; it just seemed to happen to her. Maybe it was the friends she hung out with, like her Mom kept saying. 

But she liked Livia and Brad, and she wasn’t going to stop seeing them just because her mother wanted her to. 

As the 17 year-old stood looking out the window, pout- ing over her confinement, she thought about her friends and wondered what they were doing. Being grounded again was beginning to annoy her. It seemed to Natalie that she was always in trouble. So why fight it? Why not ignore the consequences and have some fun? she thought. 

Her eyes shone with a defiant inner fire as she looked over her shoulder at the bedroom door. An idea just seemed to pop into her head. She knew it was wrong, but she didn’t really care; she wanted to have some fun. 

Turning thought into action, the young girl slipped through the bedroom door, quietly descended the stairs and sneaked out the front door. On the way out, she stopped in the hall and rifled her Mother’s purse, taking $40 and change as “expense” money. She wondered whether, if she left a $20 behind, it might cover up the theft, but then she realized it wouldn’t. What the hell! She might as well take it all and enjoy herself while she could! 

Natalie was a pretty girl. She had natural grace and a beautiful face. Her light blonde hair seemed always to take a perfect cut, and her body had all the right curves. She knew she could get her way with guys because they wanted her, and in the past she hadn’t hesitated to use her body to get things she wanted from them. Besides, she liked having sex. It felt wonderful, and why shouldn’t she use her natural assets to get ahead? 

She smiled at the thought, and wondered what her Mom would think if she knew some of the things her daughter had done. 

A short walk down the block, and around the corner, and she was standing in front of Livia’s house. Livia was in trouble too, and just as grounded as Natalie. 

She cautiously crept up to her friend’s house and, standing under the tree which grew outside Livia’s bedroom, threw a handful of gravel at the window. 

A moment later the familiar face of her friend peered down at her. 

Natalie liked her friend’s face; it was always smiling a secret smile. Livia was nice to look at too. She had flame-red, fly-away hair, and an Irish country girl’s looks. Her best features, Natalie thought, were her beautiful, clear, green eyes. That had been what she first noticed about Livia when they met at school. Now they were best friends and shared everything. 

Natalie jumped as she was brought back to the present by the scraping noise the window made as Livia pulled it open. 

“What are you doing here?” Livia asked in a loud whisper. “Aren’t you grounded too?” 

“Yes, I am, but I’m tired of being cooped up and I’ve decided to go into town and have some fun. If I’m already grounded, what more can they do to me if they catch me?” 

Natalie smiled up at her friend, mischief in her eyes. Livia knew what Natalie wanted; a partner in crime. She quickly calculated the extra punishment she might receive for ignoring her “grounded” status, and decided to join her friend. 

The decision made, Livia reached out for the overhang- ing branch that nearly touched her window and grasped it. She carefully climbed out onto it, then down the trunk. 

Brushing herself off, she giggled at the excitement of escaping her punishment, even if for just a little while. The girls ran away from the house and, skipping and laughing, made their way to the Cartwald Street subway entrance. 

The beauty of living in Queens Borough was that they were only thirty minutes away from downtown New York by subway, and they usually made it into town at least once a week. They liked to cut school and go in on a week day; it made them feel grownup to go into the city on their own. 

“Should we call Bradley, do you think?” Livia asked. 

Natalie knew that Brad and Livia had become lovers, and it irritated her a little. It wasn’t that she was really jealous or anything. After all, she’d had sex with Bradley when they were in the sixth grade, and had done other things with him too. It was just that their involvement with each other tended to exclude her, and that Natalie didn’t like at all. 

“If you want to, give him a call,” Natalie said, with- out enthusiasm. 

Livia ran over to the phone on the wall and called her boyfriend, giggling all the while she was speaking to him. Natalie looked on, patent disgust written all over her pretty face that her friend was making such a fool of herself over this boy. 

Bradley showed up on the station platform about two minutes before the train pulled in. Natalie was disap- pointed that he’d made it in time, but resigned herself to the fact that he would be coming with them. 

Watching Livia and Brad snuggle in the seat across the aisle from her, Natalie got to thinking that it might be fun having him along after all, and she began to make plans for a fun afternoon. ‘We’ll see how much the little man can take,’ she thought, glancing at the lovebirds. 

She made them alight at the 44th Street station, one of the seedier parts of town. Livia asked: “Nat, are you sure this is where we want to get off? It’s a pretty rough part of town.” 

Natalie smiled confidently at her friend, saying: “Sure! I have some fun in mind, and this is the best place for it. I wanta check out some of these adult stores before they close ‘em all up. This could be our last chance to see them, you know. They passed some laws to close them up pretty soon. I’ve always wanted to know what they’re all about. Haven’t you?” 

Brad looked interested, but Livia at first seemed a little doubtful. Then she smiled at Natalie, a little excited at the opportunities this little escapade might throw up. She’d heard about these sex shops, and was curious to find out more about the “adult toys” they offered. ‘It might be fun at that,’ she thought. 

The three teenagers walked down the gloomy street, tall buildings either side blotting out the sky and giving an impression of perpetual twilight. Glittering signs- of-sin shone out of darkened windows, promising all kinds of sexual experience. 

The young girls skipped and laughed as they pulled Bradley between them into one of the stores. A huge red sign over the door announced “XXX SEX XXX”, and there were paintings of women wearing little or no clothing. 

They quieted down once they were in the dark, dank interior. There was a hush about the place, and a smell of mold – and something else too. Natalie sniffed the air, trying to identify the odor. She was excited to be entering the adult world of sex and sin; it made her heart race, and a fine sheen of sweat appeared on her skin. 

Livia and Natalie held hands as they cautiously probed the depths of the huge old store. Bradley, meanwhile, walked nervously behind the girls. 

“Can I help you!?” The teenagers started at the un- expected voice. Until then, the only sounds in the store had been undefined murmuring and other muffled noises. 

Suddenly a wizened little man was standing behind them, an accusing look on his wrinkled face. 

Natalie screwed up her nerve and said: “No thanks, mister. We’re just looking.” 

She was a little disconcerted to hear her voice sound- ing so small and childlike when she had intended it to resonate with adult confidence. 

“Let me see I.D., ’cause you don’t look old enough,” he growled, glaring at them. 

“Give us a break, will yah? They’re gonna close your place up in a few weeks anyway. Here’s 20 bucks! Just let us look around a bit. That’s all we want; just to see what all the fuss is about.” Natalie spoke much louder this time. 

The little man looked at the kids for a moment, then at the $20, then shrugged and walked away. 

Livia and Natalie gave the cheerleader jump, giving each other the high-five and squealing with delight. They now had access to this private adult world, and they were excited! What would happen next? 

What was in this dirty old store, anyway? they wondered. They walked down the entrance aisle, looking into each alcove. 

The first contained sex videos on racks, lining the walls. The next was full of books. Livia shouted gleefully when she found the area containing adult toys, and they examined the various objects used by adults to get themselves off. That was quite interest- ing, but Natalie quickly became bored with the sex toy tour and wandered deeper into the building, leaving Livia and Brad in the “toy room”. 

Walking hesitantly into the farthest region of the store, she noticed a line of doors on the back wall, and heard muffled noses coming from behind some of them. 

Curiosity won out over caution, and she crept up to one of the doors and put her ear to it. A man’s voice was speaking, but she couldn’t make out what he was saying. Whatever it was, she also heard a grunting sound. 

The teenager moved to another door and listened again, but heard nothing this time. Looking up, she noticed a little sliding sign that said “Empty”; when she pulled it to the left the word “Full” was exposed. Being a bright girl, she quickly figured out which booths were full and which empty. 

After listening at all the doors showing a “full” sign, she realized that each of these rooms was occupied by a man. She wondered what was going on behind those doors. She realized that she had to know, and that she was finding the situation sexually arousing. ‘How odd,’ she thought. 

Natalie opened the door, marked “Empty”, to the end booth and stepped in.

The first thing she noticed was the smell. It was like unwashed bodies; more accurately, unwashed male bodies. It reminded her of boys’ basketball practice after a couple of hours of hard court time. Having been a cheer- leader for her high school team, she’d been around her share of sweaty jocks. 

But there was also another smell, which excited her; a male smell. More specifically, it was the smell of men’s sperm. 

She reached out and touched the wall in front of her, trying to gauge, in the dim light coming from the hole cut in the ceiling, the amount of space available to her. She jerked her hand back when her fingers met something cold and sticky. 

As there was insufficient light for her to see what was on her fingers, she brought them gingerly to her nose and sniffed, pulling a face when she realized what it was. 

Natalie had already guessed that men came into these booths to ‘get off’, but until now, faced with the evidence, she hadn’t realized how it was done. She stood there, holding her sticky fingers in the air, and wondered what had gone on in this dark booth only a little while ago. Unconsciously, she rubbed her fingers together, mashing the slime of a strange male’s cum between her fingertips. 

She was wondering if it was safe to sit down when she noticed that there were panels in the walls, one on the side where the seat was, and one in the back wall. They seemed to be coin slots, with built-in locks holding each door closed. 

Steeling herself, Natalie wiped the sticky fluid off her fingers by rubbing them on the hem of her dress. When her fingers were fairly dry she reached into her purse and, pulling out the four quarters that the little sign above the booth had said would be needed, dropped them into the slot above the door on the back wall. 

The door opened upward, revealing behind it an opening about 10 inches across, through which bright light streamed. 

Natalie blinked at the sudden glare, then lowered her- self onto the seat and looked through the hole in the wall. She was shocked by what she saw! 

On the other side of the wall was a good-sized room, in which were women, wearing hardly anything at all. Every now and then one would walk over to one of the holes in the wall and, after taking money, they would either bend over and put their bottoms against the hole or kneel down and take a waiting man’s erect cock into their mouths. 

Natalie hadn’t known what to expect, but this was way beyond her imaginings. She was even more surprised when a young, good-looking man entered the room and went over to a hole. After taking some money he knelt down. 

For a moment Natalie saw some man’s cock protruding through the hole; then it disappeared as the young man sank his mouth over the waiting shaft. 

Such unexpected scenes were having their effect on Natalie. She felt intense sexual excitement, already badly needing a release; it was almost an animalistic thing. She glanced back at the door to make sure it was securely closed, then pulled her dress up and her panties off, with one object in mind: to “get herself off”, and quickly. 

At that moment, a little bell sounded in Natalie’s booth. The side panel dropped beside her, making her jump. Her eyes widened when a cock suddenly poked its full length through the hole. It was erect, and much larger than any she’d seen before. 

She heard a harsh whisper: “Hey man, how about it?” 

Natalie was disconcerted by this intrusion into her dark little world; obviously this person wanted a man to give him a blowjob. 

She sat quite still, her underwear at her feet, staring at the thick, veiny shaft and at the hole through which it had appeared. She couldn’t see through to the other side, but heard ragged breathing as the man waited for an answer… She hesitated only a few moments before, in true “Natalie fashion,” throwing caution to the winds… She realized that what she was about to do was totally stupid, but she went ahead anyway. 

Bending over, she backed her young bottom up to the cock, hearing a groan when she grasped the shaft in her hand. Placing the cock-head at her pussy’s opening, she pushed backward. 

The cock slipped easily into her pussy, and Natalie heard a surprised gasp from the next booth as it sank up to the hilt. 

‘This guy’s getting quite a bit more than he bargained for,’ she thought, smiling to herself. 

Her new sex partner didn’t waste any time; straightway he began pounding frantically against the wall of the booth. 

Natalie was surprised at the violence of the man’s thrusts. ‘He can’t have had sex in a long time,’ she thought. Bending at the waist, she pressed herself tight against the hole. ‘This is great!’ she thought. She was looking forward to fingering her clit while this man stimulated her insides. 

Suddenly, however, there was a loud groan, and the man in the next booth jammed himself as hard as he could into Natalie’s soaked pussy-cave. 

She was sufficiently experienced with males to know what was about to happen, so even though she wanted more she pulled herself off the pumping cock and watched as the first string of white cum shot across the booth to ‘splat’ against the opposite wall. 

Two more jets of semen, in diminishing amounts, spurted into her booth before the slime-coated cock disappeared and Natalie was left alone with the smell of sex. 

She was so worked up by now, she just knew she would explode if she couldn’t soon have her own orgasm. She sat back down on the booth seat and started rubbing her swollen clit once more. All she wanted now was an orgasm. It would be intense, and she felt it rising fast. She thought about the cock that had just been using her, and her massaging grew faster. 

“Natalie, where are you….? Nat!” 

It was Bradley. Damn it! There was a scraping noise against her door, and Natalie was thrown off her rhythm. She heard her neighbor leave his booth, saying, in a gruff voice: “She’s in there, kid.” Then the door swung open and Natalie was looking at Brad’s inquiring face. 

He appeared nervous, and scared, and wrinkled his nose at the booth smell. Natalie continued sitting, her legs still spread and her hand over her pussy as if frozen in the act. But what was really running through her mind was what would happen if she followed her urge and screwed her best friend’s boyfriend. 

‘Hell,’ she thought, ‘I’ve fucked him before, even if it was years ago. Why not again?’ She reached up and pulled Brad into the booth with her by the front of his T-shirt, then shut the door behind him. 

“Hey Nat, what the hell are you do…?” 

She yanked his fly open and reached into his underpants in one movement. The boy’s words choked in his throat as he felt Natalie’s fingers exploring his instant hard-on. 

He could hardly breathe; every move she made sent thrills through his entire body. 

The door now opened again and the outside light shone on Bradley’s half-naked body. Natalie looked up dis- tractedly, and realized that she’d been caught in the act by Livia. 

However, the punishing storm of hurtful and hateful words she expected never materialized. Instead, Livia stepped into the booth and shut the door behind her. 

Natalie accepted her good fortune and continued working on Bradley’s rigid pole. Soon she felt Livia sink down into the adjacent seat. She could hear her friend’s shallow breathing as she pulled Bradley towards her by his prick, guiding him to her aching pussy. 

He knew what was expected of him and bent at the waist, pushing his face between Natalie’s thighs and beginning to lap at the cunt of his girlfriend’s girlfriend. He’d long wanted another session with Natalie, remembering the uninhibited sex they’d had that one time in the sixth grade. Natalie had been his first, and he’d often fantasized about her when alone with his hand; some- times, even, while he and Livia were actually doing it. And here he was, sucking Natalie’s juicy cunt while Livia watched approvingly! 

Livia had decided that it would be fun to watch Nat and Brad. She wasn’t the jealous type and, anyway, she preferred Nat to Brad, and it was exciting to watch her friend’s almost naked body in the throes of passion. 

She reached under Brad’s chest and grabbed his nuts, lightly squeezing them. Brad groaned into Natalie’s pussy as his girlfriend tugged at and gently squeezed his tightening balls. 

Natalie felt her orgasm rising again; it sprang to the surface when Livia pulled down the top of her blouse and placed her soft wet lips over a nipple. Natalie’s hips jerked, her body as responsive as a live wire. Currents of euphoria surged through her, somehow link- ing her cunt, her incredibly sensitive nipple and the face between her legs. 

Bradley’s face suddenly pushed even harder into her crotch as someone from the other side of the wall shoved something fleshy, yet hard, into his exposed behind. 

Brad had been bracing himself against the back wall because of the lack of room, unaware that his butt was protruding through the hole connecting the booth and the big room. 

The young man on the other side of the wall had seen Brad’s ass against the hole and assumed it to be an invitation. He did what he’d been wanting to do for days. Heck, he didn’t even want payment; just the chance to fuck a tight gay ass for a change. 

Brad’s eyes came out on stalks when he felt himself penetrated from behind. He couldn’t move, what with his face being jammed into Natalie’s pussy and Livia holding on tight to his nuts. He couldn’t believe the pain. It was so intense it was almost sexual. In fact, the combination of the invading cock and Livia’s ball massage pushed Bradley over his orgasmic edge and he began spurting cum over Natalie’s smooth tan legs. 

He was temporarily immobilized. His cum was just too strong, just too intense; he couldn’t breathe right. However, as the man behind him emptied his seed into Brad’s anal canal, he sprang to life, pulling himself off and away from the gay blade. He stood up straight, stepping to one side, and Livia immediately pulled him towards her and engulfed his still-rigid shaft in her mouth, eagerly bobbing over his prick and sucking out whatever there was left inside, pleased that she was giving her friends a show. 

Unfortunately for Natalie, the young man who had invaded Brad’s nether parts hadn’t done cumming when Brad stood up, so poor Natalie could do nothing in the confined space but watch as shot after shot of his hot, white semen squirted onto her dress. 

Looking down at herself, she saw that she was a sticky mess; man-cum all over her legs, hands and, now, her dress. ‘Boy,’ she smiled to herself, ‘It sure is a shame they’re closing these sex stores down! Then another thought struck her and she gave a resigned sigh. It hardly mattered to her if they did, since she’d be grounded for the rest of her life anyway. 


Acknowledgments: All my thanks… to Stephen for his encouragement and proofing and to Ian for doing such a good job editing my little story. 

(c) 8/98 Last ed. 04/03/00 – Kristen Kathleen Becker Author contact address: Kristen078@Hotmail.com


Shhh….Don’t Tell Your Wife

February 18, 2013 in Old/Young Stories by sexycatzeyez


When I was younger and just married I used to peek in my neighbor’s window and watch their daughter Jean undress and I would masturbate. She looked maybe 19 years old and had a rock hard body. Her large, 36C breasts were firm over a narrow waist and long (for her height), slim legs. I would always sneak over and just stay out of site and enjoy this young goddess pleasuring herself. It was Mesmerizing. That night, I climbed up on an overturned bucket and saw she was watching something on her laptop and was masturbating. She was so incredibly sexy; I could already feel my arousal as she took the vibrator from the desk and then slipped it inside her panties. I grabbed my cock and begin jerking it up and down gently with strokes speeding gradually.


As I jerked, I lost my balance and hit the window sill slightly. “Damn!” I exclaimed immediately ducking down, fearful I might have been heard. After a while, I stood up, looking inside again, watching her but suddenly Jean looked towards the window and she came closer. My heart froze when I realized that she caught me peeping. She started to look at the window intensely and she saw me. I wasn’t really trying to get into trouble when I saw her in the window but I just couldn’t help myself. “What are you doing Jimmy?” she asked, not bothering to cover herself now that she saw who I was. “Oh my god … you … you were watching me and masturbating weren’t you?” Jennifer’s eyes were now wide, her voice trembling, trying to finish her sentence. I didn’t know what to say, first saying something like I was looking for my dog then apologizing over and over. She turned to me with an eyebrow raised, a wicked look in her eyes and said, “You’ve been a bad boy haven’t you?  We’re going to have to do something to teach you a lesson peeking at your neighbors. IF I were you I would not tell your wife what happened but I’m still inclined to tell her myself. “Yea, well I guess I deserve it for peeping in the window” I said. Well you get back home now before you cause any more trouble while I decide what I’m going to do with you. “… Oh and yeah, when you come back tomorrow, make sure you come back to this window at nine o’clock sharp or I’m telling.


I sat around waiting for nine o’clock to arrive, and when it did, I once again found myself peaking in the window trying to see if I could see her. Again I was mesmerized, and my eyes opened wide, by the erotic sight in front of me as she came into view wearing only sheer black thigh high stockings and heels, a skimpy red thong, and no top letting her ample breasts be on display. With her back to the window she removed her red thong, making sure she bent right down and spread her legs wide. I loved watching her get herself off and I watched her start to guide her hand to her cunt. She started off using a finger on her pussy. She ran her fingers over her clit, already swollen at the thought that someone she knew and she knew she wanted was watching her. Staying bent over so her pussy was visible from the window she began to rub her clit in circles. Sometimes she used a rabbit vibrator on herself. She inserted the vibrator in her pussy and began to push it up and down. You could see it felt so good to her. “Ahhh, yeah, Ahhh” She moaned louder, louder, and louder until she was literally screaming. Quietly I started to take pictures with my cell phone as right there, while she was masturbating, her pussy drenched, and with her nipples hard she  was cumming and squirming as she got off.


After a few minutes she opened the window and said out, “Jimmy could you give me a hand please?” As soon as I got inside the window her hands were pulling my clothes off and we were kissing. She then dropped to her knees and pulled my pants down and stared at tip of my dick “Oh, my,” she whispered, now confronted by my erection. It thrust straight out like a freshly milled shaft of carbon-steel, perched above its generous balls, its thick veins rising off it like a relief map, the plump, mushroom head glistening, leaking in anticipation. I had her lips around my cock within seconds. She was sucking up and down slowly and when she got to the head of my cock she gently scraped her teeth along it. OMG, I thought I was going to blow my load right there. She sucked all the way down until her lips touched my balls and my cock hit the back of her throat. She held for a few seconds then drew away, strings of saliva connecting my prick and her tongue. Her tongue swirled around my dick always returning to the sensitive underside. The sight of her kneeling before me with my penis in her mouth was the biggest turn on I ever experienced.


I instinctively began to moan louder, my moans matching my heavy breathing. My body was automatically reacting to the building cum load in my loins. “That’s it Jean, don’t stop. Oh yeah you are going to make me cum. Yeah, come on baby, keep sucking, suck me off! Make me cum in your pretty mouth!” She sucked me harder, her head moving faster up and down my prick. The pressure from my wad was building up very quickly now. I groaned to her, “I’m gonna cum! “I’m gonna cum in your mouth! I wanna cum all over your face!” She sensed it too and began deepthroating my cock again nuzzling my stomach with her nose as her tongue explored my cock. It twirled around it over and over until I looked down at her, seeing her brilliant eyes starring up cheekily. In a low almost panicked voice I grunted to Jean, ‘I’m cumming. Oh fuck I’m cumming!” She opened her mouth wide, sticking her tongue out ready to receive my spunk. I didn’t let her down. I let a huge, long surge of my spunk shoot out of my cock, landing all over her face. Then another spurt of my cum launched out, landing on my sister’s tongue. A couple of smaller spurts of my seed shot out of prick, landing on her forehead, nose and right into her open mouth. My body shook as the very last bits of my ejaculation dripped out onto her fingers. I got weak in the knees by this time and fell back on the bed fully satisfied. She just gave me the best blowjob of my life! She kept me in her mouth, gently sucking and swirling her tongue until my dick softened up. “Well, I suggest you don’t tell your wife. It can be our secret,” she added as she got up gracefully from between my legs. I watched in disbelief as she stood, sticky-breasted and topless, and reached across the desk for a tissue. Carefully, almost tenderly, she cleaned me off before putting my deflated cock away. She kissed me lightly on the cheek and walked me to her back door. There she waited until I untied my dog from the post in the yard, my dog panting joyously at my appearance. I was now free to return home to my wife.

A Night to Remember

February 2, 2013 in Old/Young Stories by sexycatzeyez


It was a Friday evening after a long week at work and I was unwinding  at the local pub. I was alone, hoping to get a dance, and maybe a drink and go home.  I was doing what I always loved to do on a Friday night  which was people watching. Or more specifically, babe watching. I just loved watching them all dressed up in their skimpy dresses and outfits with their nipples poking through the fabric and their shapely asses  in all their curvy glory. Watching a group of women come in the door, I saw her immediately even through the large crowd that had already gathered. There was just something about her. She was a thin redhead, around 5’ 5” in height, slim build, with average-sized breasts and her ass was looking fine. She was wearing the shortest, sexiest outfit in the entire bar, a super short black mini skirt,  a silver halter top, a pair of stockings that had the seam running up the back of them, and high heels that made her long legs look incredibly hot . She was definitely drunk and definitely horny. She caught my eye straight away and  looked me up and down, but then again I’m used to that. If I do say so myself, I’m not a bad looking guy.


Before she even sat down, all of the guys were trying to buy her drinks and talk. And all of them were failing in their attempts. It seemed that I was the only one in the place, that was there to have a drink & wind down. Well, she came over and sat down next to me and we talked about everything and  nothing in general. She introduced herself as Amy and explained that if the other guys saw her sitting with me they would leave her alone. Well I didn’t mind a bit having this beauty sitting beside me,  I was all in! Suddenly she turned to me and asked me to dance with her. I was a little taken back by this sudden turn of events but could not have asked for more and put my arms around her sexy waist, led her to the floor and started dancing slowly. I lost myself in the moment and with the rhythm of the music pumping through my body, I placed my hands around Amy’s waist feeling that wonderful body pressed up against mine.


It was a packed club, slow dances at the end of the night and we were wedged close together anyway. We continued to dance, and she placed herself closer to me saying, “I really, really like older men. Amy’s breasts were pressing into my chest, and I could feel the warmth of her crotch against mine. It didn’t take long for me to start rising. My cock stiffened. I knew  we both had a little too much to drink and I started to feel her up on the dance floor as we swapped a kiss. I slid a hand beneath her skirt and discovered her shaved, unclad pussy against my palm, wet with desire. She was so ready to be entered. Wet and hot. I wanted to take her right then and there. She was riding my  leg as her skirt rose above her cunt, her ass bare. “Keep your hands there,“ she said, as she raised her arms to go around my neck. “Umm, that feels good, don’t stop.”, she said. My cock was painfully hard and confined. As if reading my mind, she unzipped me and freed me. I almost exploded as Amy wrapped her hand around my cock. All I could think about was entering her. She said I really had her turned on and excited about having my big cock in her hands. She held onto my cock and gave me a handjob right there on the dance floor. I kept concentrating on her clit until she had a orgasm right there on the dance floor, falling back against another female. Amy was a bit unsteady on her feet when we walked off the dance floor but I’m sure everybody just thought she was drunk and by the time we got back to the booth she licked and sucked my fingers but I was hornier than I had ever been in my entire life and I needed release… deep animalistic nut busting release. “Let’s get out of here”, I whispered hoarsely in her ear and instantly we were gone out the door.


Needless to say Amy lived close by and on the way back to her place, we ducked into an alley. In a flash, she was on her knees in front of me, my cock in her mouth. Amy licked what she had in her mouth, and liking the taste of it, and the giddy thrill she was getting from the situation, she slid in another two inches. I moaned at this. Encouraged, she closed her lips around my cock, and started to move her mouth around it, swirling her tongue all over my rock hard shaft, and then bobbing her head up and down, as she began to suck in earnest. Amy licked and sucked hard, very hard, the suction was hot and man was her mouth warm. I blew a huge gooey load, spurt after spurt covered her face and erupted with a huge amount of milk right into her mouth. She started licking and couldn’t get everything as it spilled from the edge of her mouth. I could hear her starting to gag a little, my cum tank would not stop pumping. She finally came up for air and continued pumping me for more, licking the head and the excess on my stomach. By now we were both drained, her from the dance floor and me from the alley, but I was not ready for this experience to end just yet. I suggested we clean up best we could and, together, walked out of the alley both smiling and chatting happily. Needless to say,  we spent the rest of the night screwing like there was no tomorrow.

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My Neighbors Son True story happened yesterday

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A typical morning, woke in bed alone, hubby gone still, had been a couple weeks now.  So I drug myself out of bed to go make coffee, got to kitchen, oi, out of coffee. I decided to go visist Pam, coffee cup in  hand lol. Walking across the yard in my nightie, Pam lived behind me.  I always went in thru the lanai, This time I found her son sitting on the couch jerking off. I smiled at him, said nice cock, pleaase dont stop, as I sat across from him and watched a bit, I noticed him staring at me. I realized how sheer my nightie was and smiled a bit. I wondered where Pam was, I was already wet. I slid my panties off. Slowly slipping my finger into my wet pussy and pulling it out to massage my clit, I said dont cum yet. He was stroking faster, I told him to slow down and not to cum yet. I could see the excitement in his face, I got on the floor on my knees, and pulled his hand away. gently taking his cock in my fist I slowly stroked him, smiling at him, I asked where his mom was, he smiled and said when he came out she was in bed asleep, I returned the smile as I wrapped my lips around the head of his cock still slowly stroking, twisting my mouth and sliding up and down his cock, looking so forward to taking his cum onto the tip of my tongue. Squeezing his balls and kneading them, he would flinch now and then. He was about to cum I slid my lips back to just under the nice purplish pink head and kept stroking, about then I heard the dam kitchen door open, I thought ‘shit’ I kept stroking him, I heard Pam gasp, I stroked harder and faster, as he came in my mouth, I squeezed his cock and kept stroking till I drained every drop.

I sat back legs crossed my hand still playing with his cock and said Hi Pam whats up as I gigled. her mouth was open. Being the smart ass that I am asked what was wrong, her mouth opened more.  She looked at me then my hand around her sons cock and said :You just gave my son a blow job, I just smiled and said feel free to stick around, you can watch me fuck him. Her mouth dropped again, I giggled, couldnt resist. I just look at her and asked how long has it been fo you, when did your husband die, why dont you join us, he you can sit your pretty pussy on his face while I fuck him. I glanced up at her sons face, he was equally shocked. I smiled and said come on Pam it will feel good. She was standing there in her robe, I leaned forward and slid my hand in, no panties her pussy wet, I smiked at her and slipped her robe off. Sliding a finger in her, I said you are soaked what excites you watching me blow your son or thinking about his tongue in your pussy. Finding her g-spot I gently rubbed it, I had never been with her, I staarted licking and gently nibbling and tugging her wet pussy lips. I sat back on my knees my lil ass on the heals of my feet, smiled at her, guiding her son to the floor, as I straddled him, I looked up at her she was standing there masturbating. I smiled as I asked her son if he wanted a taste of his moms pussy. He looked up at her and licked his lips as I slid the head of his cock in me. I sat there letting her look at me for a minute and said put your sweet pussy in his mouth. She looked at me as I reached up to her and said give me your hands I gently guided her down, her son grabbed her legs and pulled her pussy to his mouth. I smiled at her and said enjoy it.

Pulling her to me I started kissing her, she was hesitant at first the more we kissed the more I pumped, I began to twist one of her nipples, pusjing my thumbnail hard into it, she murmered it hurts I pushe it harder aganst her nipple. She was rubbing her pussy back and fourth over his mouth. I took her hand and put it on my breast guiding her fingers to my nip, I told her squeeze pinch and twist, make them tingle. She twisted and pinched, I said do what  I do to you to me, only harder. I kept kissing her, she slightly pulled away and said can you get hard again her son replied yes, she asked if he would fuck her, I good hear in his voice he was looking forward to it when he said he would love to. I could feel the head of his cock start to throb, he was about to cum, longer harder strokes, so deep.

After he came, I slid off him. Pulling Pams head down I said suck on him keep him hard for you. I guided her off his face pulling her to her knees I sat on the couch and put her mouth over my pussy. I watched her son slip in her, and said, fuckt the hell out of her. He pumped her so hard and deep, A few minutes went by and I told him to stop, smiled and said stick it in her ass, and finish fucking her, I said as hard as you can and as deep as you can. She was in instant pain, she quit eating me, he was slamming her so hard I could hear their skin clapping when he hit her,. I saw tears running down her face, she said OMG fuck me, fuck me harder, he pulled her harder into him and kept fucking her. He finished and slid out, she rolled onto the floor, laying on her back, a lil smile she said we have got to do that more.

Waking Dad

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Tara, was at home with only Lisa’s father in the next room. Nobody else was there but the 2 of them. Tara was visiting from college and Lisa’s father Bob had just passed out in his room from drinking, and was a very heavy sleeper. For a while now Tara was getting really horny, for Lisa’s dad. Tara and Lisa had been talking about fucking him but the chance never really came up. He was always too busy working.


Tonight was different and  Tara knew she was going to have Lisa’s daddy’s cock, so after waiting about an hour for him to fall asleep, Tara went into his room. “Dad!?” she called. She had gotten used to calling him Dad all the time by now. She wanted to make sure he wasn’t going to stir, not yet at least. “Dad!!” she called louder. Nothing. satisfied she stripped her clothes and tossed them to the side. Bob was laying onto the covers with only his boxers on. Tara crept onto the bed and slipped right between his legs. She was not a virgin and experienced in getting men hard.


First Tara started to stroke his cock, her eyes widened little. He felt like 8″, and that when its limp. She grew even more wet in anticipation. She thought she would share her wetness with Lisa’s father. With his boxers still on Tara straddled over his dick and started to rock her pussy over his cock. Bob opened his legs a little and let out a sigh. Tara froze, Lisa’s dad was still asleep. Now that Tara had gotten him semi-erect, she wiggled down so she was between his legs once again. Tara pulled off his boxers and felt her juices going down her legs. She loved his cock, it was big and mushroom headed, his balls looked delicious. Before she could help it his balls were being sucked and licked. Bob let out a sleepy lustful groan. He was still asleep and some pre-cum had been released from his now swollen dick. She eagerly put his full member in her mouth moaning in pleasure. She sucked, licked and nibbled Lisa’s fathers large dick. Tara started to hump the air, getting excited, she wanted more. Tara felt hungry and wild, she had a burning desire that only the unconscious man could please. Tara continued to suck Lisa’s father with more vigor than before. Lisa’s father moaned then came in Tara’s mouth, she didn’t let a single drop escape.


Lisa’s fathers Dick was still hard and she wanted all of it inside her. She straddled him once again and positioned her dripping hot pussy right above his dick. She wanted to savor the feeling of him entering so she did it nice and slowly.

“Ohhhhh yeah, fuck you feel so good” she moaned. His dick was inside her hot pussy and already getting swollen again. Tara put her hands at the side of Lisa’s fathers head. She arched her back and lifted herself up then pushed herself back down. Her cunt was so wet her Vagina didn’t need adjusting.

“Arrg.” Tara didn’t make that sound. she looked down and saw Lisa’s fathers breathing became heavier. His eyes lazily lifted open.

“Tara?” he murmured “Is this a dream?”


Tara smirked and bent down and gave him a peck on his cheek. “Oops, I forgot to peck your cheek first, what do you think?”

“This is wrong”, he croaked, he placed his hands on her hips to lift her off himself, but when his still swollen member was almost out, Tara brought it right down again. Bob groaned out in pleasure and annoyance.


Tara bent herself down so her small petite nips were practically in Lisa’s fathers face.”Awww, come on dad”, she said as she rotated her hips, ” I know you want it, I can feel how excited you are”, She pumped her pussy a little to make her point and make Lisa’s daddy groan out.”Fuck, ohh yeah… no, no , we can’t, it’s……”, “It’s useless dad” Tara interrupted. She began to pump up and down on him once again. “Besides, Ohh yeah, how can I stop fucking you, Urrg, ah, when you feel so fucking good! Fuck yeah!” Tara couldn’t contain herself much longer, she started to fuck Lisa’s father which as much power as she could, moaning and groaning.


“Oh yes, don’t stop Tara, keep on going, yeah fuck your little cunt is so hot and wet. Yes!!!” Lisa’s father gave up and started to rock his hips matching her pace.

“Oh dad yes, I’ve always wanted your big strong dick inside me. Oh dad you feel soo good, Ohhhh Ohhh I’m gonna cum! OF FUCK YEAH!!

Tara was lost in lust. Bob just let out a beasty growl ,signaling he was about to cum as well. They continued to fuck wildly. Bob said, “Oh Baby I need to pull out or……” Tara just forced herself down on him even harder. “It’s okay I want your cum inside me. Yes come on, I have a pill, just keep fucking me, oh yeah like that, I want you and your hot stuff dad!”

“Oh Daddy loves your little pussy” Having Tara’s permission, he gave a final thrust and emptied himself dry in her swollen pussy. Tara was screaming for Lisa as Bob’s semen gushed inside filling her up inside.

Tara collapsed on Bob panting heavily.

“That was amazing dad, thank you!!!”  Tara got off Lisa’s father and picked up her clothes.

Bob soon fell asleep and didn’t get up till late morning.



He came downstairs to see Tara showered and dressed. Tara was clearing out all the beer bottles and putting the whiskey away.

“Oh, you’re up” she smiled “You drank so much last night I. thought you wouldn’t be up till 3″.

Bob looked a little confused and scratched his head.

“Weird it must have been a dream” he whispered.

“What was that?” Tara inquired.

“Oh nothing sweetie just talking to myself” Bob blushed and turned to go back upstairs.

“Sure dad, don’t work too hard”

Bob just went upstairs, while Tara continued cleaning. She couldn’t wait to tell Lisa so they could plan how to get dad in bed together.

My High School Career Path Assignment

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As a senior in high school, I had to fulfill a requirement of spending twelve hours with someone who was following the career path I hoped to pursue.  Since I wanted to be an airline pilot, and this wasn’t possible at the airline level, I contacted the local airport and left a message there to see if any of the small fixed wing aircraft pilots would be willing to let me “shadow” them, as our school assignment was called.  I’m 18, with short blonde hair, kind of in a mussy mop like Meg Ryan had in her old movies, blue eyes and freckles over my nose.  Everyone says I’m so cute, but I wished I looked more like a woman than an 18 year old girl.  Anyway, I got an email response from a guy who had been a jet pilot in the military, had also worked as an airline pilot, but was now working as an airline  consultant.  He said my inquiry had been emailed to all the pilots in the local pilots association.  He said he’d be willing to devote twelve hours to letting me “shadow” him.  His name was Phil and we met at the airport.  I was told his hangar number and that he had a white Beechcraft, the only one in that hangar.  When I walked into the hangar, Phil was working on his plane, mechanical work.  He couldn’t shake my hand because his hands were greasy. He laughed and said, “I bet you hear that you don’t look like the pilot type.”  “Yeah,” I said. “But only from guys.”  “We’re a sexist bunch eh?”  He proceeded to tell me how I should go into the military to get my schooling and training for free, fulfill my service and then go private, meaning to an airline. “That’s what my parents have been suggesting, for me to save the money on school. Go into the Air Force.”

I guessed he was somewhere in his early to mid-40′s.  He was what I would consider a good-looking older guy, had dark hair with light strands of gray.  He was tan from who knows, golf, tennis?  “So, have you been up in one of these babies?”  “Yes, in a vintage plane at an air show, I paid fifty dollars to go up in a biplane.”  “Well I’m grounded today working on the Beech.  But she’ll be flyable tomorrow.  Be here at 0900 hours.  You know military time right?”  “Yes, sir!”  I responded.  When I arrived, he had to sign off on a sheet for my “shadow” assignment and we took off and flew for about an hour.  Phil talked me through everything he was doing and the functions of all the gear.  I told him I played a flight simulator video game at home and knew most of what he had explained.  “And how well do you do with the game?”  “I’m beyond it now.  I need to start doing the real thing.”

Over the next few weekends, I flew with Phil.  One afternoon, walking back into the airport office and lounge area, I heard one of the other guys say, when he thought I’d walked into the Ladies Room, that I really made his “wind sock” stand out and that he doesn’t know how Phil can control himself in the “cockpit”.   This guy obviously didn’t know I was within earshot, looking at the bulletin board in the hallway.  I wondered if Phil was turned on by me too, or if he was maintaining professional distance.  Phil had told me he was divorced, his fault,  He was never home when he was flying for his job plus, on retrospect he had been too selfish about spending time on his hobbies, golf and his private plane. Then when he started his consulting business so he could spend more time with his wife, it was too late, his wife had already met someone online and left him.

We’d just finished my sixth hour of shadowing when Phil asked if I wanted to fly to Reno with him.  “Reno, as in Nevada?”  “I have to fly there to give a talk at a convention of small airport owners.  It will give you a chance to see what it’s like to go on a longer flight.  Different conditions.  Flying into a larger airport.”  I really wanted to go.  It would fulfill (and then some)  my “shadow” time and get me away for a long weekend.  I talked my parents into letting me go conditionally, as long as they met Phil and liked him, and of course, he charmed them with stories of his military experience and airline adventures.  En route to Reno, for the first time, maybe because it was a longer flight too, Phil asked me personal questions, like did I have a boyfriend?  “Kinda,” I answered.  I didn’t consider Carter to be my boyfriend.  He was just someone I hung out with and had sex with, but Carter was not good at sex.  He just kind of humped me till he was done.  Truth was I wanted sex badly, sex with someone who knew what to do, someone with experience, and I didn’t think any boy around my age would be able to take care of that.

Phil had booked a two room suite at a small casino hotel in Reno with a door connecting the two rooms.  He was headed out to dinner with some buddies and told me I should stay in the room, and that it was ok to order room service, but no booze!  “What about hotel porn?” I asked.  He just shook his head. “None of that either. Behave.”   I began my good behavior by mixing some Jack Daniels from the mini bar with some Coke and ordering dinner from room service and scrolling thru some of the porn choices.  My parents had porn blocked on the home computers, so this was my chance to see some porn and see what real “fucking” sex looked like.  I spent the next three hours drinking more Jack and Cokes, and watching pornos.  I don’t know who was more lit, Phil or me, by the time Phil returned from dinner.  “Cassidy,” he called out.  “Are you watching what I think you’re watching?”  “Roger that,” I used pilot speak.  “Don’t tell me you’ve been drinking too.”  “I’m having a great time.”  I lifted up my plastic cup about half full of my drink.  “Turn off that stuff, put on sports or something.”  I wondered if all the moaning and yelping in the porn was getting to Phil, like in a good way, ha!

I changed the channel to another porn channel.  “Well,” he said, “then I’m going to take a shower, put in some earplugs and get some shuteye.  You should toss that drink in the sink and do the same thing.”  “There’s something else I want to do.”  I said.  “No, you can’t go down to the casino.  Unless you’re a card shark, in that case, I’ll go with you.”  “No,” I said, “I’ve only played strip poker, badly. I’m always the first one naked.  Really I want to do something I haven’t done before.  Well, something someone hasn’t done before.”  I was getting kind of tongue tied from drinking and unsure how to express my sexual need. “I want you to lick my pussy.”  There I said it.  No one had ever done that, not my “kinda” boyfriend, no one.  Phil looked shocked.  “Now that’s a little, little….”  He was tongue tied too.  I was wearing a pink t-shirt that I loved to sleep in and panties, nothing else.  I stood up, put my drink down, left the porn on.  I peeled off my t-shirt.  I’ve been told I have amazing B-cups, nipples so perky, they point to the sky.  My belly button is pierced.   I pulled down my white cotton panties to reveal a shaved pussy.  Phil didn’t say anything, but I noticed a reaction emerging below the belt.

I lay back down on the bed and said, “I need you to lick it because no one else has before.”  I began playing with my tits and muted the porn a little bit with the remote control.  “Clothes off,” I said.  Phil shook his head and said lightning was going to strike him for doing this, he still stripped, but only down to his boxers, a gentleman?  He then came over to the bed.  He asked if we could kiss first.  All of this was a little shock to him.  Not in his wildest fantasies…  I told him to shut up, that I knew all the guys talked about me at the airport and that he must have talked about me or at least thought about sexing me up.  Then he kissed me and I kissed him back.  He had that 5 o’clock or 1700 hour shadow going, I could feel his beard against my face, it felt different, I was with a man, not an 18 year old high school boy.   He briefly licked and kissed and sucked on my tits then kissed my tummy, then he hesitated, but began licking my shaved pussy, opening my lips with his fingers so he could lick everywhere.

He made me have my first orgasm that I didn’t have from fingering myself.  It was amazing to me, it felt so much different and intense than when I did it to myself.  I’d never had an orgasm from fucking Carter before either.  I just lay there about as bored as mashed potatoes waiting for Carter to finish.   “Let’s do it,” I said to Phil.  “No, no, I’ll make you cum again like this.”  He continued licking my pussy, I was so wet, I had never been this wet before.  My second orgasm only made me want sex more.  “Look,” I said, “I’m not a virgin.  I have sex.  It just sucks.  I need a man…”    Phil was laying next to me now.  He ran his fingers through my hair.  “When I was 18, I wanted older women.  I guess it’s the same thing for you.”  Phil kissed me again and he began taking his boxers down.  His cock was big, hard for me to guess exact size, but big.  I opened my legs.  He moved in between my legs and said, “Put me inside of you, I don’t want to hurt you.”  “It won’t hurt, I’ve had lots of sex,” I said, which was partially true, lots of lousy sex.  I guided his cock into my pussy.  The size took my breath away.  It felt like we were flying.  The thrill of it.  I told him “Fuck me.”   He began thrusting, grinding, moving in and out of me, but I knew he was grinding on me, to keep on my clit.  I moved with him, it was like we were locked together.  He kept kissing me while we were fucking.  I didn’t expect so much kissing.  I expected it would just be cock pussy fuck cum. But I went with it.  He was a good kisser.  I came twice from him fucking me.  I let go and moaned and screamed when I came, it felt like this is the way it should be.  The way he moved, the way he knew what to do, he knew, men knew.  I wrapped my legs around him, “Fuck me harder.”  He thrust in, out harder, pounding me, and then I felt his muscles grip and tense and then he pulled out and came on my pussy, it was warm, sticky.  He looked at me while he was cumming, like it mattered, what we had shared.  Then he lowered himself to the bed.  I went and cleaned up. We spent more time in bed for the rest of the weekend than out of it.  I decoded the mysteries of sex and men that weekend.  When Carter called me after I got home and wanted to hang out, I told him some other time.  But I really meant never again.

My daughters beautiful girl friend

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Nice Florida day as usual, but I had day off. My daughter had her girl friend spend the night such a lovely and sexy young woman.


A beautiful and such desirable young woman, 5’2″ blonde, huge sexy brown eyes sleeping in my daughters bed. Thought I would go check on her see if she would care for some breakfast. She was laying on the bed nude half covered, so very tempting. I sat on the bed and rubbed her back a bit, hoping she wouldn’t wake, she stirred a bit, saying Scraps,,,mmmmmm.


I said no, would you care for some breakfast. She rolled over stretching the sheet slid off of her, gazing down at her beautiful little body, telling her how beautiful she is. As I touch her cheek gently, she smiles a bit and says thank you. running my finger gently down her neck. Trying to get the nerve to let my hand go down her chest, I slide my finger up the other side of her neck. She asks where Scraps is, I tell her she is off working for the day, as she cracks a cute little smile, her eyes light up, as she pulls my hand down to her breast. I begin gently caressing it, twisting her nipple slightly a little pinch. she moans slightly, and says been awhile since I have been with a guy. I slip up and give her a kiss taking her lower lip between my teeth. sliding on top of her and wrapping my arms around her as I roll us over.


Pulling her up, gently licking her moistened lips, licking her clit as I slide a finger between them finding her g-spot, massaging so gently, she moans gently. she tastes so good. I don’t want to stop she is moving back and fourth, I sit up and lower her onto her back, kissing up her abs, stopping to pay special attention to her belly button, she sort of moans and quietly laughs a bit. As I begin to kiss up to her hard nips. Gently I bit one, she says harder dad, I like them to tingle. she moans as I bite it saying harder, twisting her other nipple a between my fingers I do, she grabs my hand and says a bit rougher, squeezing her nip between my fingers, she says tingly remember.


She begins to guide me up and says now I get to taste you, she runs her tongue up the lower side of my shaft, and slips her mouth of the tip as she grabs it in her hand, stroking it as she gently moves her mouth back and forth, so excited being with such a beautiful young woman and having not been with anyone in awhile, moaning I tell her I am going to cum, as she removes her hand and begins sliding all the way down and back up again and again. I feel it coming up inside me fighting not to, her lips feel soo good. I feel it oozing onto her tongue, she grips tighter with her mouth stroking a bit more. she pulls me down kissing me my cum still on her tongue. as I slide myself between her legs she slips me in her, and says gently, I slowly begin to pump her raising myself up onto my hands. She starts caressing her breasts with both hands, moaning quietly. Sliding back n fourth in her gently but deeply, she is so tight, staring into her beautiful brown eyes becoming lost. she smiles and asks if I think she’s pretty, and I tell her, I have thought since the first time I saw you that you are one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. As I cum in her.

My Daughter’s Room Mate

January 3, 2012 in Old/Young Stories by sexycatzeyez

Amy was bending over the pool.  She was using the skimmer, helping out
like a good little house guest in a good little bikini. Did I say
little? Microscopic would have been a better word. Her sweet nipples
were barely covered, as was her mound. I could see the perfect curves
of her cunt lips under the clinging wet bathing suit, and it made me
salivate. I wanted to get my mouth on her. I imagined how fresh and
sweet her little cunt must taste.

What was I thinking? What the hell was wrong with me? After all she
was my daughter’s roommate at Princeton, here for the weekend, just 19
years old.  My wife and my daughter were shopping; they’d be gone for
hours. I was supposed to be working on the car, but all I could think
about was working my cock into that tight little pussy. Ramming her,
watching her hair fly around and her tits bounce, feeling the tight
walls of her unused pussy swallowing my…

I cleared my throat and straightened my pants in a feeble attempt to
hide the hard on as I stood up. If I didn’t walk away now, I wasn’t
going to be able to walk away at all.


I caught her attention as I awkwardly twisted, trying not to let her see my embarrassing trouser tent. “I’ll be in the garage if you need me.”

“So soon, Mr. Aldren?” She turned around and looked at me with those pouty perfect young lips, the strap of her bikini falling off of her shoulder. My mouth hung open while I watched it. She didn’t pull it back up. She
just smiled, letting her bathing suit slip. Her breast popped out with
a sensual bounce.

Oh dear lord that did it. This hadn’t been in my head. And pants. This was mutual. Amy was thinking exactly what I was. There was no turning back. I was going to fuck my daughter’s college roommate and that’s all there was to it.


I felt like I had to move quickly, before you got a good look at me and changed her mind. Not that I look bad for a 50 year old guy but the kinds of guys this chick bangs were probably rock star looking. She smiled as she pulled the rest of her bikini top off.


I grabbed her hand and pulled her into the pool shed out of site of any intrusions. She was giggling as she flopped down onto the daybed. I don’t think I’ve gotten my clothes off that fast in decades. Before I could focus as my shirt hit the floor, I could feel wet warmth on my cock. God it had been so long since I had gotten head I felt my knees weaken. This is something the old wife does not do no matter how I plead.


I stood in front of the day bed naked. Her little hard body was kneeling on the bed, facing me, plunging her mouth up and down on my shaft. Her knees spread apart and pushed farther and farther out, her pussy sinking onto the mattress until it appeared she was doing a little split. I opened my mouth, wanting to comment on that, but all I could do was groan as the head of my cock hit the back of her throat.


God dammm, what was this girl’s major? She twisted her mouth around, grabbing firmly onto the base with her hand and slid her head back. I looked down to see those huge blue eyes looking up at me. Her mouth open, her tongue out and flattened. And she proceeded to lick. She held onto the base of my cock and licked upward, up the shaft, to the head with her strong pink warm wet tongue. And all the while those huge eyes were looking straight up at me.


My cock was hard and switching. I could burst too soon if I wasn’t careful. Part of me wanted to rush – fear of getting caught still sort of looming. Part of me wanted this to last forever. And part of me just didn’t want her to think I was quick on the draw. I had to pull my cock away from her. As I did she let herself fall back onto the bed again, onto her back. She put her hand in her bikini bottoms, then the other.


I grabbed the edges of the bathing suit at the hips and gently slid it off her, then pulled what was left of the string bikini top off. She was breathtaking. God to be 19 again. Her fingers were working her pussy, Her left hand separating the soft pink perfect labia lips, her right hand moving inside, fingering herself with one pretty little pointer finger, then rubbing the finger tip on her sweet little pink clit.


I had to taste her. I crawled on to her and let my mouth take hold of her mound. I licked her cunt lips, I suckled her clit, and then using my thumb I pulled one pink lip mound to the side and ran my tongue into the sparkling wet inner passage. Nirvana. The tender little inner labia, and then that unruined cunthole.


I felt her hands in my hair and her thigh muscles quiver as she squealed, “Oh Mr. Aldren! Your mouth is so hot!”


The more she moaned and whimpered, the more she told me how hot I was, the more I wanted her. I wanted that sweet little thing to remember me. I wanted to make my mark. I felt young again. Immortal.


I sat up, easily pulling her with me. My hands on her waist I pulled her into my lap in one easy motion. My feet on the floor, sitting on the edge of the bed, she was straddling me, and all I could do was fuck her.


My cockhead burst into pussy with one easy motion. She was still tight, so very, very tight. She wrapped her arms around me and squealed again. Her perfect perky B Cup titties in my face, pressed into my cheeks as I grabbed hold of her ass pounded her. Ramming her down on me, harder and harder. Her tits bouncing , her nipples on my face. Each of my hands firmly holding onto one perfect hard ass cheek and forcing her up and down like a Barbie doll. Her cunt was hot. Her stomach was flat. Her ass was hard and her skin was just perfect.


“Fuck me, Mr. Aldren! Fuck me!!” She cried out as she bounced up and down in my lap, taking my cock deeper and deeper into her sweet pussy. I bucked and jerked, with a firm grip on her ass cheeks I held on, buried to the hilt inside of her cunt and I came like I hadn’t cum in decades. Pumping my jizz into her. She was panting and whimpering. And then her muscles released and she fell limp into my arms.


I wrapped my arms around her, kissing her on the neck, feeling her soft healthy hair on my face and her naturally perfect tits against my chest.


The car horn blew in the driveway. My wife and daughter had come home early and wanted help with the packages. Amy jumped up quickly pulling on her bathing suit and running out ahead to give me time to pull myself together. I dressed fast, straightened the daybed, and emerged from the pool shed to see my wife coming into the yard. “Where’s Amy?” She said.


I shrugged. “I think she’s in the house.”


No sooner had I said it then Amy appeared in the sliding glass doors with a bowl of cereal in her hands. She squealed to my daughter. “Lemme see what you got!!”


No one was the wiser. Amy threw me a few private winks over what was left of the weekend and slipped away Sunday night on her way back to Princeton with my daughter. And I began counting the days until the Thanksgiving break. Counting the days until another crack at that perfect little pussy on my cock, and those perky tits in my face.