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Incest Sex Stories | Erotic Stories by Sexycatzeyez
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Banged by my Husbands fam n friends pt 1

July 2, 2013 in Gangbang Stories, Incest Sex Stories by Scraps

Abeautiful Saturday morn, my husband suggested we go fishing with his brother and his wife on thier boat.  I hadn’t been out fishing in a longtime I said sure babe.    When we got to the houseboat his brother and 2 cousins were there, no wives, a few minutes later 2 guys showed up, I have never met. I pulled my dear husband aside and asked what was going on, replied well his cousin was getting married and this is his bachelor party.  I just looked at him and asked if I was the dam entertaiment, he grinned at me and said why else would you be here. He suggested I put my bikini on and I asked if they knew what was going on, he just smiled and said of course.  I sort smiled at him and said then why do  I need to be dressed, and I stripped, turned around and said to them all “I’m your whore for this little party, who wants to fuck me first? I walked over to his cousin, smiled and told him I always hoped one day I would get to fuck him, as I unzipped his pants and pulled them down, I sat him on the sofa and dropped to my knees. Took his semi hard cock in my mouth and began sucking and stretching pulling and strokeing it with my hand as I kneaded his balls, after getting him nice and hard I looked at him and asked if he wanted to fuck me or if he would like a blow job first. He just smiled so I continuedto suck him off. On my knees in front of him.  I felt a cock sliding in me, I stopped looked up and asked where my husband was, he said watching, The guy pumping me was being rather gentle, felt good. I finished sucking him off, and motioned for him to move and put my arms on the sofa, saying fuck me hard pump my pussy. He started pumping and pumping, wish he was bigger, I told him to slip it in my ass. Now that felt good. He finished and I rolled over sitting on the floor I looked around and asked who was next. One of the guys I had never met walked over and said quietly sort of almost embarrassed he wud love a blow job, so I took his swollen cock in my mouth and grabbed his ass and started slowly slidin my mouth up and down his cock, twisting as I did. There was no way I could take his cock in my mouth he was too big.  I stopped before he came and laid back on the floor pulling him with me. I said fuck me pump me so hard, make my pussy throb and smiled. I looked over my husband was watching, I smiled and asked if he was enjoying watching me get fucked? Smiling I said ok who wants a blow job,, his cousing walked over and just slid his cock in my mouth, grabbed my head and started fucking my  mouth, I started to gag, I couldnt wait for this guy to cum. The guy finished pumping the hell out of me, his cousin still fucking my face, tears were running down my cheek, he finally came and pulled out of my mouth. I dropped to the floor gasping.

I asked if we were leaving the dock or just staying here, my husband told me we were waiting for 4 more ppl and the party wasnt gonig to be over till well after midnight.  I smiled and asked how many, he told me his dad, another brother and his friend and his cousin May. My eyes had to be huge,. I looked at him and said May as in the grooms sister, he smiled and said yep.  I couldnt believe it, so i asked if she was part of the entertainment and he smiled and said yep, I looked at the groom and asked if she knew. He smiled and said, she did and he was looking forward to fucking his sister. I got up grabbed my husband and went outside. first thing I did was kick him in the balls, I said whose brilliant idea was it for May to fuck her brothers and cousin, and is she fucking her dad too. He just smiled at me and said he cant wait and he was looking forward to watching his dad fuck me. He just smiled and said they’ll be here any minute. I turned and walked back inside

. There was a guy standing there smiling at me, He picked me up and slid his cock in me, Started fucking me standing there, he was a bit big for me. I had my arms around his neck he kept pounding me, like 10 minutes my pussy was really throbbing,, he finished and sat me on someones lap, I felt his cock goin in my ass, then he grabbed me and pulled me down, I screamed omg, as he lowered us both to the floor, I found myself on my knees straddling a cousin, he slid his cock in my pussy. they were both pounding me hard, I was fighting  tears. I heard a voice and looked up, it was my father in law, I smiled and said so glad you could come. He slid his cock into my mouth. I took it and started stroking, still being pounded by the other 2. then the guy fucking my ass stopped I felt the head of his cock slide down the crack of my ass, then the head of it started to slip in my pussy and all  of a sudden on hard thrust. My chest hit the floor, tears flowing. They pounded me even more, my pussy was being spread and was throbbing so bad. They finally pulled out, seemed like they pounded me for days, I dropped completely to the floor and rolled onto my back. Looking up I saw my father in law take my legs, then I glanced at his cock and thought omg is he a dam horse, smiling at him I said luv u dad, he slid in slow began pumping shallow genty. I smiled pulled his face down and said that feels so nice my pussy is so sore. May stepped over me with one leg she was naked, she had such a nice body, was just 19. she knelt down her knees on my upper arms. She had a nice smile on her face as she put her pussy in my mouth, she said ever had someone pee on u.and grabbed my head, pulling it tight to her pussy, I felt a sudden rush of her peeing in my mouth. My father in law was still in me but he wasnt pounding me like everyone else. He finally finished and pulled out. I pulled myself onto a chair and said ok I need a break.

I glanced over, May was on her back on the coffeee table her dad fucking her, She kept saying come on dad harder deeper, fuck me pound me as hard as u can. She was in pain, I knelt down next to her smiled and asked if she was ok, smiling tears flowing she looked at me and said I want to bleed for my dad. I was in shock. I asked her if she knew when she came this was a bachelor party and her and I were the toys, she smiloed and told me she knew.  She kept telling her dad to fuck her, she wanted to bleed for him.

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Poker Night

February 3, 2013 in Gangbang Stories, Incest Sex Stories by Scraps

Dad had moved out of state and I was beginning to, miss him, or miss his cock, don’t know which.  My husband had heard rumors in my family that I use to fuck my dad, but he didn’t know if they were true, he kept asking, he never got much of an answer. Finally I asked my husband if we could go visit my dad, He asked again if I really did my dad, this time I smiled and said “maybe, if you want to find out take me too dads”. He looked excited, I wrapped my arms around him looked up and smiled and said want to watch my dad fuck me. He thought it over awhile and said he would get a couple days off. We left on a Thursday eve, and arrived Friday afternoon. Dad gave me huge hug, and I whispered I want fucked hard, he asked what about my husband, I replied he would love to at least watch. He told me it was poker night, and I asked if I could sit in, and play with the usual stakes. He made a few phone calls and my husband was in the game. My husband asked what the usual stakes were, I told him they use cash, I play for sex, told him, blow jobs, etc…. He asked if I took them in another room, I just smiled and said NOPE.

My hubby and I went upstairs he wanted me then, I told him he can wait till the game and I took a shower, we relaxed a bit and I got dressed and we went down and had dinner with dad. I asked who was coming to the game, dad said Gary a friend of his and my baby brother. I asked if my brother knew I was playing, dad said yes, I had a concerned look on my face, Dad said he knows what you’re playing for, and he is looking forward to it. We had a nice dinner, talked a bit. There was a knock at the door, dad went to answer it and I went upstairs to change.  I stripped and put on a robe, waited a bit and went down, everyone was in the living room. I walked over to my brother and asked if he was going to be able to handle doing this, he just smiled. I looked at him and told him to untie my robe and slide it off me. He did and I told him to caress my breast and suck on my nips as I stood there everyone watching including my husband, I glanced over at him, he looked like he was handling it well, I blew him a kiss, and told my baby brother to slip a couple fingers in me, he did, I told him to pull them out and lick them, he was smiling when he did and said you taste great sis…We all went to the poker table and sat down, I held back a bit and asked my husband if he was ok, he smiled and said, so if you lose they do whatever right then at the table, I smiled and said yep, and asked if he was going to be ok watching his wife get fucked etc…. He just looked at me and said he hope so.

No matter how many chips I have in the pot winner had to decide which one he wanted. I folded first hand, my dad’s friend Gary took it, I just had a white chip in, he got to finger me a bit and suck on my nips. Second hand my brother won, A blow job, I went over had him sit on the table and sucked him off, he really enjoyed it. I smiled at him and said, nice size cock, hope you get to fuck me later, he smiled and said he planned to.  Next hand Gary won….anal, 1st guy that got to fuck me; I lay on table in front of him and pulled my legs up and spread wide. He rammed me for about 10 minutes before he came, My baby brother won the next hand, I had a chip in the pot for sex, we smiled at each other, I laid on the table, my head in front of my husband, I looked up smiled and said, hope u can handle this. As my baby brother slid his cock in my pussy and pumped me so hard, omg it felt good, all the time looking at my husband smiling and telling my brother to fuck me hard.  My husband had such a look on his face, I smiled and asked if he was ok, he sort of smiled and said he was. Next hand Gary won, another blow job. A few hands went by, I really wanted dad to win one soon, and I at least wanted to drain his cock. He finally won a hand a blow job, and I gave him one. I laid with my head in front of my husband again, and licked and sucked on my dad’s balls before I licked up the underside of his cock n taking his nice pinkish head in my mouth, propping myself up on my elbows, I let him fuck my mouth, I loved that,.. A few hands went by, blow jobs sex, finally I wrote on a chip, fist me, I played it the next hand, my brother won., I sat on my knees and laid back told my husband to hold me up, as I guided my brother as to how to get his fist in me, when he did, I said now fuck me hard. I let him fist me a few minutes, dam it hurt.  When he was done I said, now ev1 gets to fuck me, and told dad to go first. Oooooooooooooooh finally his cock was in me pumping so hard, I would look at my hubby, his face had such an expression on it, I had never seen before, he said he was fine.,, The game broke up, I went in living room and got on my hands n knees,, took my husband’s cock in my mouth as my little brother rammed his cock deep in my ass. We finished the eve, my husband, brother and dad fucking me for a couple hours, I loved it, I was so sore…

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My Neighbors Son True story happened yesterday

February 1, 2013 in Incest Sex Stories, Masturbation Stories, Old/Young Stories by Scraps

A typical morning, woke in bed alone, hubby gone still, had been a couple weeks now.  So I drug myself out of bed to go make coffee, got to kitchen, oi, out of coffee. I decided to go visist Pam, coffee cup in  hand lol. Walking across the yard in my nightie, Pam lived behind me.  I always went in thru the lanai, This time I found her son sitting on the couch jerking off. I smiled at him, said nice cock, pleaase dont stop, as I sat across from him and watched a bit, I noticed him staring at me. I realized how sheer my nightie was and smiled a bit. I wondered where Pam was, I was already wet. I slid my panties off. Slowly slipping my finger into my wet pussy and pulling it out to massage my clit, I said dont cum yet. He was stroking faster, I told him to slow down and not to cum yet. I could see the excitement in his face, I got on the floor on my knees, and pulled his hand away. gently taking his cock in my fist I slowly stroked him, smiling at him, I asked where his mom was, he smiled and said when he came out she was in bed asleep, I returned the smile as I wrapped my lips around the head of his cock still slowly stroking, twisting my mouth and sliding up and down his cock, looking so forward to taking his cum onto the tip of my tongue. Squeezing his balls and kneading them, he would flinch now and then. He was about to cum I slid my lips back to just under the nice purplish pink head and kept stroking, about then I heard the dam kitchen door open, I thought ‘shit’ I kept stroking him, I heard Pam gasp, I stroked harder and faster, as he came in my mouth, I squeezed his cock and kept stroking till I drained every drop.

I sat back legs crossed my hand still playing with his cock and said Hi Pam whats up as I gigled. her mouth was open. Being the smart ass that I am asked what was wrong, her mouth opened more.  She looked at me then my hand around her sons cock and said :You just gave my son a blow job, I just smiled and said feel free to stick around, you can watch me fuck him. Her mouth dropped again, I giggled, couldnt resist. I just look at her and asked how long has it been fo you, when did your husband die, why dont you join us, he you can sit your pretty pussy on his face while I fuck him. I glanced up at her sons face, he was equally shocked. I smiled and said come on Pam it will feel good. She was standing there in her robe, I leaned forward and slid my hand in, no panties her pussy wet, I smiked at her and slipped her robe off. Sliding a finger in her, I said you are soaked what excites you watching me blow your son or thinking about his tongue in your pussy. Finding her g-spot I gently rubbed it, I had never been with her, I staarted licking and gently nibbling and tugging her wet pussy lips. I sat back on my knees my lil ass on the heals of my feet, smiled at her, guiding her son to the floor, as I straddled him, I looked up at her she was standing there masturbating. I smiled as I asked her son if he wanted a taste of his moms pussy. He looked up at her and licked his lips as I slid the head of his cock in me. I sat there letting her look at me for a minute and said put your sweet pussy in his mouth. She looked at me as I reached up to her and said give me your hands I gently guided her down, her son grabbed her legs and pulled her pussy to his mouth. I smiled at her and said enjoy it.

Pulling her to me I started kissing her, she was hesitant at first the more we kissed the more I pumped, I began to twist one of her nipples, pusjing my thumbnail hard into it, she murmered it hurts I pushe it harder aganst her nipple. She was rubbing her pussy back and fourth over his mouth. I took her hand and put it on my breast guiding her fingers to my nip, I told her squeeze pinch and twist, make them tingle. She twisted and pinched, I said do what  I do to you to me, only harder. I kept kissing her, she slightly pulled away and said can you get hard again her son replied yes, she asked if he would fuck her, I good hear in his voice he was looking forward to it when he said he would love to. I could feel the head of his cock start to throb, he was about to cum, longer harder strokes, so deep.

After he came, I slid off him. Pulling Pams head down I said suck on him keep him hard for you. I guided her off his face pulling her to her knees I sat on the couch and put her mouth over my pussy. I watched her son slip in her, and said, fuckt the hell out of her. He pumped her so hard and deep, A few minutes went by and I told him to stop, smiled and said stick it in her ass, and finish fucking her, I said as hard as you can and as deep as you can. She was in instant pain, she quit eating me, he was slamming her so hard I could hear their skin clapping when he hit her,. I saw tears running down her face, she said OMG fuck me, fuck me harder, he pulled her harder into him and kept fucking her. He finished and slid out, she rolled onto the floor, laying on her back, a lil smile she said we have got to do that more.

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My Baby Sisters 18th Birthday

April 13, 2011 in Incest Sex Stories by Scraps

It was my baby sisters 18th birthday, we had just came back from my taking her to dinner and a movie, she didn’t have a date. We walked in the living room, dad was asleep on the sofa his feet on the coffee table, his pants pulled down his cock was still almost hard. I thought I said it to myself but I said it out loud I said god I would luv to suck that. My little sister looked at me and said so you have before, smiled a little and said you fuck him too? I said when we have time. She looked at me smiled and asked if any of our sisters did. I said all but you and one other. She just smiled and asked if I’d like a 3some, I looked at her and said your still a virgin, she replied with a smile, and said she wouldn’t be when we were done.

As she walked over him still asleep she stripped, got on her knees and took has cock in her mouth. I dropped my clothes and went and knelt down on the other side and we took turns as he came around, he looked a bit shocked that his youngest daughter was there too, she smiled and said don’t even fight this. as she stepped between his legs and lowered herself to her knees she began giving him head, her hand around his cock the head in her mouth, as she stroked it, I had my hand wrapped around his balls squeezing them, she moved her hand and started sliding her mouth down as far as she cud, and up again a few times I could tell he was cumming. she kept doing it as she slid a finger in his ass, she made sure he stayed hard. Sliding the coffee table out she turned around on her knees and laid her chest over it, and said fuck me as hard as u can dad.

I sat there eyes got wide wondering if she realized he was a bit bigger than most and this was going to hurt, Dad slid it in her and just started pumping her, she said harder deeper fuck me! he grabbed her legs and started pulling her into him as he pounded her, I moved around in front of her, tears running down her face I whispered to her ‘are u ok?’ She smiled a bit replied in a whisper ‘my god it hurts’. I took her hand as she said “Harder, I said fuck me”. Dad was slamming into her so hard I could hear them smacking together.

Dad stopped and pulled out turned her over on her back, and pushed her legs back I knelt over her putting my pussy in her mouth as I did I wondered if she was even bi. I felt her tongue in me, I told her to slip a couple fingers each hand in my ass and pull it open, dad pounded her for about 10 min as she ate me it felt so good, I loved having my ass fisted and that’s what I was about to have her do, dad was about to cum I cud tell, I fucked him enough, I said “Dad no don’t cum, stop”. He did and pulled out, there was no blood this may take till morning. she glanced down then at me, she simply asked, ”suggestions?”

I told her to sit on the floor with her back against the sofa. I pulled her legs so her head was against the sofa her shoulders on the floor and pushed her legs back over the sofa, I looked down at her and mouthed this is going to really hurt, her ass and pussy sticking up, I smiled at dad and said go for it. he slid his cock in her and started ramming her, him and I had her legs pinned. I let him hold her down and moved to check on her tears flowing down her cheeks, she said didn’t know it would hurt so bad, I told her dad was bigger than average. I guess dad thought she had some experience he pulled out of her pussy and slammed it in her ass, I thought she was going to pass out, she came close. the look on her face she was in pain. He came in her ass. and stood up, she rolled down and on to her side, saying loudly, “I didn’t think popping my cherry would be so painful”. You should have seen dads face, my baby sis just said “oh come on dad how many guys get to pop their daughters cherry, so any suggestions to do it?’ I said, “Do you want it done by sex or can we do it another way?” Still laying on the floor on her back her legs on the sofa she asked how else, I looked at her and said, “a fist, it will hurt like hell but it will do it”. she asked where I wanted her, I said the bedroom.

We all went in the bedroom I laid her on her back her ass over the end of the bed and told dad to straddle her and hold her legs, she said no she wanted dad to break her. I then straddled her and took her legs, telling her that this was going to really hurt asked if she was sure. She said just pop me. Dad had fisted me before I smiled lowered my pussy into her mouth and told dad to fist her, she pushed me up a bit and said don’t stop till I bleed. Dad worked his hand into her, I had no idea how she was handling it she would wiggle now and then and dad looked a little concerned.

She pushed me up and said just pound me. He pounded her for about 10 min. When he pulled his hand out we knew she was definitely popped, I got off her and she saw it, smiled said she had no idea how bad sex hurt. I told her I would get her a bath ready. while she was in the tub I pulled dad on top of me smiling I asked if he could handle a bit of nice soft sex. we had some nice normal missionary, I smiled at him and said you’re the only guy I ever sleep with anymore.

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My Ex Made Me Dad’s and the Family Whore

March 8, 2011 in Incest Sex Stories by Scraps

Not too many weeks ago I almost died, my then girlfriend knew when I was going to rehab and knew I would only have that day to visit with her, she and I hadn’t spoke in over a week. I got to spend 45 min online talking to her. I felt so rejected it was a Sunday bout noon. We fought a lot, but making up was fun. Didn’t take us long to fight again, this time it was major. It ended her and I. Mid last year she encouraged me to fuck my dad, I finally got the nerve, I enjoyed it that first time we fucked for hours.


Dad and I had quit having sex after she talked me out of doing it was suppose to be a 1 time thing, it wasn’t.


It has been months, till I just didn’t know anymore I am nuts without her, I still love her so much.


I came out of the shower in a robe, dad and my uncle were in living room watching TV, I looked at my uncle and asked him if he would fuck me if I wasn’t his niece, he looked surprised, I dropped my robe and asked again, as I got on my knees between his legs I asked if I turned him on as I unzipped his pants I pulled his cock out. He was hard, I smiled and said guess I turn you on as I slid my mouth over the head and begin to stroke it. I stopped for a few seconds and said dad do me in the ass and begin giving my uncle head again. as dad slid his cock in my ass and started pumping me, I said harder fuck me dad fuck me hard. My uncle came in my mouth I luv cum I kept sucking and stroking to keep him hard. pulled away from dad. I got on my knees dad under me his cock in my pussy, my uncle behind me his cock in my ass I was being pumped so hard, felt so good.


My cousin came in, I just pulled him to his knees I knew for a long time he wanted me, I pulled his cock out as I was being fucked I sucked him off mmmm more cum.


So I really am the family whore

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Mornin after the Break-up

March 5, 2011 in Incest Sex Stories by Scraps

The morning after dad was still asleep, I went in my room and got my strap on and the 12″ dildo with the cavity to slip over a guy. When I got back into his room he was on his back, nice soft dick, I slid the dildo over it, he started to wake, and asked what I was doing, I said time to punish your whore for what she has done. He looked at it, said awfully big baby, I replied I deserve it, I was awfully bad.

I put the leather cover over it, and snapped the belt around him. Straddling him I slid the tip in me, he asked if I was sure I wanted to do this, I let myself drop hard, omfg it hurt, I replied in a minute I’m getting on my knees and your gonna fuck me till I pass out, or scream so loud from it. I did a few strokes, it hurt, I knew it would really hurt from behind. I slid off and got on me knees next to the bed with my chest on the bed, said just please fuck me, I am just a worthless whore, I’m no good to anyone, I’m just a fuck toy, so fuck me.

Thinking of all the pain and heartache I caused my girl friend, because of my fears and just being stupid. I flipped my hair, turned a bit, and said just do it, I need to be punished, he said sweetie, you don’t need to punish yourself this way. I smiled at him and said I use to be a Dom, this is mild, it’s nothing compared to what I deserve. He was hesitating, I said if u don’t I’ll go to the bar and find half dozen guys that will. grabbed a pillow, to burry my face in, I cud feel it sliding in me, he said this is gonna hurt, I said, its suppose to dad. I slammed back onto it, omg, and said now fuck your whore and fuck her hard. said long deep hard strokes. For about 15 min he did it to me, I had my face in my pillow with my girlfriends face on it I was crying, telling her I was so sorry, told her I was being punished for what I did to her, I promised her I would be sure I would be punished till I thought it was enough. told her how much I luv her and how sorry I was for hurting her as he pounded me. Tears flowing. When he stopped I kissed her pillow told her I was sorry and I still luv her, and how much I missed her.

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The Break-up, fuck me hard dad

March 4, 2011 in Incest Sex Stories by Scraps

I broke up with my girlfriend a little over a week ago. Before that she gave me the courage to act on a longtime fantasy of fucking my dad. It was great, shortly after that I agreed not to do it with him anymore. After a major fight mostly my fault, we broke up, I was a basket case that evening.

I went into dads room, just wanting cuddled crying so hard at losing the love of my life, thru my own stupidity and insecurity about myself.

His arm wrapped around me laying next to him my head on his chest, I began running my finger around his nipple, He asked me to please stop, said I have an agreement with my girlfriend, I told him we had major fight and broke up, that her and I were over. I leaned forward and began to kiss his nipple, tears still running down my face, I said, do you want me dad. Slipping my hand between his legs I grabbed his stiffening cock, I said I need fucked hard, and a lot. slipping between his legs, I took his the head of his cock in my mouth, and stroked gently, as I slid a finger in his ass, I lifted my head and said ‘so u want to fuck me as I squeezed his balls hard. His body shook from the mild pain as he smiled. I knew he would stay hard so I went back to giving him head. Sliding my mouth down his shaft over and over, I slid another finger in his ass. Didn’t take long and I had his cum on my tongue, I slid up to his mouth with my tongue out inviting him to suck it off, mmmm I luv when he does that.

I rolled on to my back, and pulled my legs up, he got on his knees, I told him to push my legs back, as he did I slid his cock in me. My legs almost over my head, I said fuck me hard dad, really hard, fuck your lil girl, I want to be your whore. He pumped me hard and deep, so deep, long hard thrust, I told him screaming harder fuck me dad fuck me please, I’m your little whore treat me like one. He kept pumping my pussy, I told him I want u to cum in my ass, deep in my ass!

We changed positions my head n shoulders on the floor at the end of the bed, feet over my head on the bed. He slid his cock in my ass, I said ram me ram your little whores ass. His feet on the floor hands on the bed, he fucked me so hard hurt so bad, I kept saying faster, fuck your whore, I want u to cum deep in my ass, I cud tell by his strokes he was cumming, I yelled deep, deep, fuck your whore harder please.

Felt so good, hurt like hell, but I loved it, that was the night of the break up.

Deepest Fantasy

February 28, 2011 in Incest Sex Stories by Scrapsdad

Since I lost my wife a few years ago have been dating mostly she males and recent medical test really helped me make the decision for the surgery. Been a little over 2 months since the surgery, my daughter and her girlfriend keep inspecting and admiring the results. But doc says it’s okay now as long as I don’t do anything to extreme, lol she gave me a nice list very explicit. The girls have the list of do’s and don’ts memorized. they both had expressed interest in a threesome before I knew I was getting the surgery I wasn’t sure if her girlfriend was serious, so I scheduled it. Felt a little weird the first couple of weeks walking around not having to worry about erections, but instead having a nice smooth set of lips in its place. But am use to it, feels good now.

They both come into my room one Sunday afternoon toys in their hands and a small flashlight, hmmm, was expecting the toys. They stand me up and pull down my boxers and I sit back on the bed, and they are off examining me again. Saying looks really good and feels nice, and a few giggles, they hit certain spots that send trimmers thru my body. Her girlfriend asks why I didn’t get the breasts as well. I just laughed, she hit that spot again, and said well I know where it is, and smiled. they scoot onto the bed one on either side. My daughter says well this is a first, and her girlfriend says first for all of us. They both begin to nibble on my shoulders tiny laughs now and then. as they work their way down, getting to my nipples their tongues and lips feel so good, both being so gentle. I guide her girl friend up to me and give her a tiny kiss on her succulent lips, looking into her beautiful eyes, thinking how much she has been blessed they are so beautiful. I say softly as I nudge her over me, I want to taste your sweet nectar. As she straddles me and gently lowers herself into my mouth I part her lips with my tongue. As my daughter is parting mine, feels so good. Licking and nibbling her girlfriends moistened lips, as find her clit. I slide a finger into her g-spot massaging gently as I lick her clit, she begins to quiver I taste a tiny squirt of her nectar, tastes so sweet. Drinking every wonderful drop of her.

She slides off, my daughter has a small strap on in her hands and says, her or me, I say you girlfriend. as she puts it on she asks if I am ready for this yet. I just smile and say yes sweetie. As my daughter lowers herself into my mouth I feel the dildo sliding between my brand new lips, feels good so far, she is being so gentle, my daughter is already cumming, her juices are just flowing, they taste so good, she is just cumming over and over, she says baby I am so hot omg! Her girlfriend strokes it in deeper, not too hard. A few minutes and she stops saying that’s enough for the first time.

I can’t wait to do it again!